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Reply To: Jenni’s and Michelle’s review lesson

Michelle Bubbles

The door opens, and my initial willingness to get angry at whatever bitch dared to be late and make me get the fall for it, evaporates instantly at the bundle of familiar small, sweet cuteness coming in, short even in her sky high heels, red hair bobbing around her shoulders as it falls from two high ponytails, and whatever training they subjected her to, my gosh, she is even cuter in the way she moves now. And her outfit clearly shows off her new assets as well, the M&R hormones having made her far more feminine and curvy, even if she still did not hold a candle to me or most of the other girls around with a traditional bimbo body… part of me is disappointed by it, and I try to suppress the thought of the little thing with tits as big as her head, unable to suppress a small spurt of sissyjuice from my belt.


“Well, so nice of you to join us Miss Swallows. Please take your seat besides Miss Bubbles, as soon as your punishment is done of course.”


He changes a few settings on the remote and presses the button… Jenni’s squeal at the level 3 shock of pain are mirrored by my own, the bastard punished me as well even if she arrived. And yet, all I can think about is, how dare he hurt my little Jenni… Hm, is it disturbing that I started thinking about her as ‘mine’? I hope not… but she has that effect on me…


When she approaches, I smile sweetly, it’s been so long! While my proportions did not change much, she can however notice a couple of conspicuous additions to my own body since last time, a small tattoo of a rose in a skeletal hand, above my cleavage, obviosu and attention-getting, and one on my back that she can’t see right now, often, like now, covered by my hair, of the same rose intertwined in a skeletal ribcage.



I scoot over to let her slip in her seat with a happy smile and a wink, now delighted that we will have to share the space. Once sitting, she will be right at my side, forced to keep her back straight, turned slightly towards me and me towards her, our bodies pressing together, our legs intertwined in the same space… and well, because of the height difference, her chin probably just above the top of my breasts.


“Come on girl, sit… now you two play with each other for a few minutes, while I prepare the lesson. Make sure to use this time to be productive, and practice your techniques by playing with each other.”


He says smugly, leaning back as he takes out a laptop from his bag and turns it on, bringing his attention away from us but also glancing at us constantly to enjoy the show. Typical. Punishes us for being late, and we immediately learn he is not ready to start the lesson… or more accurately, having us wait on him is part of the lesson. Still, I find myself almost unable to get frustated or angry, my attention focused on little Jenni coming over to squeeze herself by my side and make out with me.


“Oh my God, hiii! How are you Jenni, it’s been so long!”


I whisper excitedly.


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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