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Reply To: Jenni’s and Michelle’s review lesson

Jenni swallows

I quickly open the door but carefully hold it next to my body as I peek in and see If I was the first to make it to the class or the last… In this crazy skimpy outfit with my ridicule pigtails hanging high off of my head, I couldn’t walk down the hallway without a single Master or Mistress trying their best to mock and humiliate me.


I squeak in my high pitched voice, suppressing a frustrated scream as I push the door away and feel the color drain out of my face as both Michelle and the Teacher, a Man… Come into view. I hold my hands up by my face, My wrists limp, fingers slightly curled towards my palm, elbows pressed into my chest, causing my cleavage to push out and leave my self on display. I knock my knees together, toes pointed inward and high healed, light pink mary jane heels spread apart.

“Oh, Good Mister Teacher Sir. I’m so sorry for being So late!”

I drop the cutesy pose meant to accentuate how helpless I look in my tiny little outfit, mincing my way into the room with a quick pace that only causes my hair and B cup breasts to shake, bounce and shimmy with every step. In the past, I would’ve done all I could to minimize that, but after about 50 spankings to my bare ass and one caning session later, I walk like this nearly everywhere when I’m in a hurry.

The outfit I was in barely hid a thing, the see-through blouse carefully placed over my nipples, yet still showing off my pastel pink bra. gone are the days of needing a training bra around here, the push-up bra helped put my Budding B cup’s front and center. Not to mention the ultra-short skirt helped to show off how plump my cheeks have got. The outfit, of course, was one of my teacher’s idea’s to help show off my “cute and tiny” figure… rewarding me in one of my classes with the outfit and hairstyle to help celebrate my 2 month anniversary. Though I swear I’ve been here longer than that…

I stop in the middle of the room, Carefully grabbing the hem of my skirt and giving my teacher a respectful curtsy. Before it wouldn’t have had a single ounce of respect for this man overseeing us both… But now I have nothing but respect for him, he holds all of the power here and I am terrified in my tiny little school uniform here. Even though I am really a guy in drag, I feel completely femme and girly in his presence here and wouldn’t dare challenge him like I am.


My name is Jenni and I do what I am told.


taunt and tease me to please me.

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