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Reply To: Trixie’s Collared Maid(s)

Trixie Truheart

Looking down at this out spoken beauty begs the question, “If you just drive as you say, why were you concerned about seeing how we all get along? Sounded to me like you wanted to be part of the action with a comment like that.”

I turn back to Stacey and plunge my cock back in her posterior hole and start pumping again.

“My dear…Tracey is it? My dear, you are absolutely correct to say that a chauffer only drives. So I would expected you to honor our privacy here as well as inside the limo…no matter what is going on.”

I can see in her eyes that she is not someone to push…but I think I can break her if I want.

“There is no such thing as a trial drive. You either drive or you don’t. There is no try. My maid’s safety does not rely on a chauffer trying to drive.”

I can tell my anger in welling up inside of me as I brutally rape Stacey’s posterior. I can see some drool falling from Kat’s lips as her tongue tries to catch it before everyone sees her unfulfilled wanton desires are openly displayed; watching what I do to her friend slave Stacey.

 “Okay, you have the job driving Tracey at $2,000 per week whether we use you or not. You will wear our collar advertising that you are off the market. I don’t want you to tell me you’re too busy driving for someone else…no moonlighting allowed…and the collar insures this rule will be obeyed. You, of course, fully understand…don’t you Tracey?”



©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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