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Reply To: Michelle Bubble’s Exit Interview

Michelle Bubbles

I stifle a desperate sob as he tells me how he would be happy to oblige if I want more. I shiver and arch my back despite myself when he slides his meaty finger inside me, stimulating my deepest most sensitive erogenous zone, mewling out in need and desperate arousal. I simply nod when he tells me to thank Miss Cooper now, and with a new round of hits, I am a mewling, crying, sobbing, bawling mess in no time.


“O-one! Thank you M-miss Cooper!”


“Two! Thank you Miss C-Cooper!”


“Threee! Thaank you Mish Cooper!”


“F-f-four! T-Thank yooohu, Miss C-C-Cooper!”


“*sob* Five! thank you Mish Cooooper!”


“*sob* Shiiiix! T-Thank yohu, Miiiss COOPER! *sob*”


Once he is done, my body collapses on the chair, shivering and trembling as the insane mixture of stinging pain and desperate arousing pleasure runs through my body and brain, my ass fully on display and shingin an angry red that will probably stay on it for at least a full day, reminding myself of this indignity for a full week every time I sit.


This time, i can’t bring myself to thank him for the punishment as I should, and I just lay there, sobbing and trying to recover, tears flowing down my face and sissy juices flowing down my thighs, my body betraying how much it (somehow) enjoyed it.


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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