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Reply To: Stephanie and Jenni’s slumber party

Jenni swallows

My lips are still tingling as my silk covered figure slips into bed. I am not surprised that the room is chill and our nighties offer little warmth in the late hours of the night, but it would be a stretch to say I am used to it.

However, after weeks of teasing and denial, the only thing on my mind as I snuggle up to my bedmate Stephanie is how much I ache for release. I hate that the desire for climax is always on my mind, fueling my every action and thought. It fills me with a bristling lust for Stephanie and out 30 minute make out session left me out of breath and my mouth wet and warm…

I wanted nothin more than to have her tongue against mine, smooth warm thighs tangled together and her hand on my member. but instead, all I have is her round bottom pressed against my hips, just as my perky breasts were pressed into her shoulder blades. I couldn’t keep my mind from how sweet she smelled, or how warm… I wanted to sleep and forget, but I also found it so easy to grab hold of her hips and hold her tight, copping a feel of her pert bottom and groaning in unsatisfied lust!


taunt and tease me to please me.

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