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Reply To: Marcy and Michelle Bubbles Dorm Night (pvt)

Michelle Bubbles

She pulls away from me, shocked, still letting her potty mouth run unchecked. She must really like being punished, the infractions are surely piling up now, and she is in for a hell of a spanking tomorrow, surely… in any case she asks if she really needs to get fucked in the ass for a sissygasm. I giggle and nod, while reaching up with my hands again and twisting her nipples lightly, biting my bottom lip and feeling my own tingly pleasure and arousal skyrocket once more. Finally, she gives in, and between moans she asks me to help her out of the strap-on and help her get to a sissygasm. I pull back and clap my hands excitedly.


“Oh, yay! You won’t regret it, it feels like super duper great and junk! Just like, undo that strap… slip it out like this…”


I help her step out of the strap on, and once I have it in my hands, I step off the bed, my crurves bouncing with every step, barely contained by the lingerie.


“Just hold on a second sugar, this one dildo is like waaaay too thick for a beginner, you wouldn’t have as much fun! But don’t worry, you’ll be trained in like no time at all and then you will be able to have as much fun as me! Oh, by the way, if you like don’t want me to fuck you, we can like go ask the night guards, they are like super hunky and always ready to help us with getting a sissygasm!”


Another airheaded giggle punctuates my words as I switch out the dildo on the front of the harness, lubricating it as well before slipping it on. While Marcy realizes I just proposed to go ask other guys to fuck her, and lets me know how very opposed to that idea she is. I turn to her with the strap-on in place, tossing my long blonde hair behind my shoulders.



“Oh my gosh calm down, it was just an idea… I can do it! It just sounded like you didn’t want me to or something! Ok, the best way if you are just starting is if you get on all fours, look away from me… and just relax honey…”


I purr, getting on the bed on all fours, the small but still pretty intimidating dildo bobbing in front of Marcy’s face.


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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