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Reply To: Marcy and Michelle Bubbles Dorm Night (pvt)

Michelle Bubbles

“Bubbles, toys?  You want to use toys?  Like you want me to use a dildo on you?”


In my passion, I nod eagerly, squeezing her nipples as if to confirm it, knowingly sending another intense jolt of pleasure up her spine.


“Yeeeees! Fuck me hard with a dildo! Pleeeease, I like need it!”


I moan wantonly, and giggle delighted when she gets off the bed and starts opening drawer in the dim light. I moan and fondle my own breasts, arching my back, kneeling on the bed as I watch her fumble around. And ask about the buttplugs.


“Yes like, if they want to make sure we just sleep and junk, but like they didn’t tonight! So hurry! The first drawer!”


I watch her as she gets in the strap-on and lubes it up, whimpering in need and giggling with anticipation as she comes back on the bed, pushing me on my back. I eagerly spread my legs wide, displaying my flexibility as they go all the way up almost behind my head, presenting a perfect position to get fucked hard and deep, giggling as she tells me I asked for it. All I can think about meanwhile, is what a great and selfless person she is! Willing to forget her pleasure for a while to fuck me, instead of asking I fuck her or getting a double ended dildo!


“Yes! Thank you soo much Marcy, you are so great! Come on, stick it in!”


I beg her, spreading my buttcheeks apart and relaxing my sissy pussy. As soon as the cock sinks in, the sissygasm hits me almost immediately the way I am worked up, and my face just melts in absolute pleasure, waves of bliss crashing down on me, a dumb happy smile on my face as my eyes cross and my tongue lolls out.


“Ooooooooohhhh yeeeeshhh…”


I turn into a moaning, quivering fuck doll, the sissygasm just extended and deepened by every thrust of her fake cock, my well trained pussy receptive to pleasure and shooting wave after wave of addicting endorphines in my dumb bimbo brain, just existing in that pleasure. I don’t notice Marcy’s desperate plight, I don’t realize she is fucking me so hard, deep and good because she doesn’t know how to sissygasm, how to get that so incredibly fleeting yet oh so sweet moment of relief. When she pulls out I give a little whimper of disappointment, my pleasure slowly waning and my body relaxing as my sissy spot is no longer pounded. It’s a few seconds of content, happy, relaxed afterglow.


And then, my desire already revs up again, the fire growing again in my loin. I give a little sigh of disappointment, as every sissy always does as she is reminded once again that even this is useless, that she is just as horny as before, and yet we always try, that few seconds of relief too good and necessary to pass up. When Marcy kisses me and puts my hands on her nipples again I close my eyes and give back to her ministration feverishly, driving her still and me again to crazy, maniacal lust and desire. She pulls away fro me again, and asks me that question, before going back to my nipples.


My eyes flutter closed, and I look down at her, gently placing my hand behind her head, with her nibbling at my breasts it’s almost like I am breast feeding her, except she is the one feeding me pleasure now.


“Oh, like, we don’t get to cum silly! But you get to sissygasm! It’s kind of like a normal orgasm, but like, super duper better, and just, well, you stay horny right, but it’s still good because… oh, I can just show you! I’ll like help you get one, just give me the strap-on! It’s only fair I make you feel good now! Thank you so much for that by the way… hmmm”


i giggle again, as if this was the most natural discussion in the world. Here, it kinda is.


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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