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Reply To: Stephanie plans her escape!

Stephanie Suckswell

Physically exhausted after a tough practice, just like the old days when “he” was a real man, Stephanie huffs and puffs, trying to catch her breath.

God, why am I so weak now? I can barely hang with these girls.

Sweat dripping from her forehead, her sports bra damp, and her chest sore.

At least I got to play ball a bit, makes me feel like a man again. If I can just keep playing, maybe I’ll get the strength to escape.

“Suckswell!” he shouts across the field, “Finish your laps, then get your skinny little ass over here! We got something to talk about!” Stephanie hears from across the field as practice is ending.

Oh shit.

Stephanie immediately jogs over to the man. She isn’t sure who he is. But he looks serious.

As she runs over to him, his male brain spits and spurts nonsensical thoughts about his past as a football player.

What do I do again? Why am I stuck here? How do I get outta here?

But when she reaches the man. She stops, and preforms a modified curtsey. Her whole body taking on a submissive posture, textbook.

Her eyes begin to rise, meeting her new tormentor.



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