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Reply To: Trixie’s Collared Maid(s)

Trixie Truheart

I turn my attention to Stacey and playfully frolic with her for a little while when she finally mentions that I let Kat cum…and how come she cannot cum. “Stacey, take a look at the image seen below. Basically, you’re too new of a maid to allow you to cum right now. Follow what this says and your day will cum, I promise.”

I am hoping that she will follow the instructions in the image and get breakfast going and ignore the rest of it. This is a good test to see if she follows the direction I set when things are not going her way. We were up all night playing with each other and forgot to sleep.

I turn to Kat and say “let’s see what you can do to find us a new limo driver, okay?”

I turn around and grab Olivia as she has been totally non-responsive, and I am sick and tired of her insolence towards me and her fellow maids. It’s time to show her the door. “There you go Olivia…I’m sure you’ll find where you belong out there as I now only have room for two maids. Goodbye and good luck, dear,” I offer while I escort her down the hallway and stuff her into the elevator. I push the button to the lobby knowing full well she won’t be able to get back to the penthouse without me or my special elevator card.

Now it’s time to turn my attention to finding a new limo driver with Kat.


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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