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Reply To: Jack Becomes an Apprentice (Pvt for Legion)


Next to the door is a small sign saying “Intake #4”, just like she said.   The other side of the door looks like a small clinical waiting room, a couple of chairs arranged so different sized groups can chat, a few magazines scattered about, mostly women’s magazines, but there isn’t a lot of time to investigate these as Maria walks past what appear to be reception stations, but these are behind thick glass screens that are the only thing that reveals this is more of a prison than a clinic.   She enters a door and suggests that Jack follow her.   The doors lock behind as they move, so not following her won’t help matters much.   And if there are any violent attempts, well, the entire area is under quite explicit surveillance, with cameras positions all over the place.

The other side of the door eventually leads to something that seems out of sync with the foreboding atmosphere of the outer room.  The soft lighting, special chairs, and scads of hair products lying around make it pretty clear that this is a beauty salon.   There are a couple of girls waiting in the room, reading fashion magazines until Maria enters the room.

“Oh, is this the new girl?”, one of them says, eyeing Jack critically.


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