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“Ok, help me grab some you think will work for me”

Tifa surprised me yet again and suddenly seemed more business like and open to help. Most of the school shoes had relatively thin heels which wasn’t surprising considering the objectives but I did find a pair with a good front that would help provide support.

I grabbed 3 pairs of block heeled shoes which would also provide more stability and good support.

“I know they are not the most fashionable but the block heels will be more stable. Best to leave the more open styles which provide no support until you are more used to heels.”

“Maybe one pair with the square heels and then the pair with more of a taper.”

Ok, I knew Tifa might not be trying to tease me but she had been and the dam belt was still pulsing. As yet, I wasn’t quite sure whether it was supposed to be a reward or a punishment. I was just praying that it would be switched off before the final section.

Tifa had to keep bending down to try the heels on and to try and walk in them. I knew it was important she found the least uncomfortable ones but it was a sight. She had her back to me as she put on the last pair to try and seeing her bend over in that school outfit sent a shiver up my spine in addition to what the belt was doing. I was trying hard not to distract her but another moan escaped.

I needed to prepare Tifa for the next section and I suppose myself as well.

“Right, the last thing we need to get today is your nightwear. You need a minimum of 14 sets because for the next 14 nights, you will be in the Dorm. You’ll need to ignore the nicer stuff, that needs merit points.”

I took a deep breath.

“You also need to try each and every set on. The section is also mirrored. Part of it is to make you feel objectified and almost slutty. Just be thankful there is only us at the moment.”

I was about to move through when the belt went up another notch.

“Argh!   …….  Please Tifa, I can’t explain but please try to be quick and not too provocative.”

I led the way through to the next section which was the largest by far. Off to one side there were some beautiful satin sets but I knew they were expensive for me in terms of merit points. I didn’t trust myself to say anything and so I pointed to those and shook my head. I then pointed to the ones she could have and nodded. Finally in a low voice I managed a couple of words.

“Please hurry.”

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  • This reply was modified 1 month ago by poppy.
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