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I went to Tifa and took her in my arms. It took a lot of effort but although my head started forward, I pulled back before I kissed her. I could see the tears welling in her eyes.

“I want to be cross with and I ought to be cross with you but I can’t be. I ought to try and shake some sense into you but all I want to do is kiss you. Even more so like that you tease.”

“You do need to let Tifa out and express yourself. Just be careful and don’t be too provocative without meaning it. If those are the ones you want and they do look gorgeous on you, take them. But just try to stick to plainer ones until you get the feel of the place.”

I looked around and lowered my voice near her ear.

“We are doing things in a strange order. Normally you would be brought here to get dressed before the other events. Haven’t you noticed how quiet it is? You could have been doing this with about 10 other people in here watching you. I moved my eyes skyward; someone is trying to help make this easier for you, don’t let her down.”

“Just tell me something. If one of the macho men you used to work with saw a girl dressed in that underwear, what would his reaction be? What would they do if they could get away with it? Some of your classmates are going to be exactly like them but they will also resent being here and won’t be able to take it out on the staff.”

“Now let’s get this done. I have been throbbing ever since you started prancing in front of me and it is getting harder by the minute to behave myself. Now hosiery; don’t forget the school socks or you will be going without panties. You will also need suspender belts and stocking for the other two outfits. I’ll show you where they are. You will get a regular allowance of them but if you don’t look after them or they get laddered then you will have to use your merit points to replace them. So if you have no merit points and you spoil them and have to go bare legged, guess what?”

schoolie long socks white 1

 "'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly."

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