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Tifa almost seemed as this was a bit of a joke but it did give me a warm tingle when she said she wanted my help. After she headed to the cubicle and started to get undress, I had blurted my question out. She popped her head out and it looked as you could fry an egg on it as it was so red. I started to feel awful; I knew I shouldn’t have said it but then she spoke.

“Oh, yeah I meant it. I mean… you’re super cute, Holly, and I’d much rather have my first dorm experience with someone I’m comfortable with rather than a complete stranger, you know? I don’t want you to do it if you’re not interested or if you’d get in trouble or anything. But I think I’d really enjoy spending the night with you. Uh… I.. You know what I mean.”

Now it was my turn to turn red. Before I could say anything, she started to try the outfits on. She had set me throbbing with her words and strutting in three outfits only increased it. I didn’t know about having good taste but she looked so hot in them. I couldn’t help myself and to avoid her seeing my face I turned slightly as I thought about being alone with her. I told myself to stop being silly and turned back to see she had taken one of the microskirts and had tried it on.

I was about to say something and warn her when I saw Mrs Bridges come in. She came across and I curtsied a greeting. She was looking at Tifa and then looked at her pad.

“Tiffany isn’t it? I see you are new. It seems you are scheduled for one of my classes tomorrow. Good. As you seem so taken with that outfit, you can report to my class in it.”

She then turned to me.

“Make sure she understands to penalty for disobeying. As she is new, I will allow her to wear socks with it.”

I curtsied again and she turned and left. I turned to Tifa and saw her chewing her lip.

“I was going to suggest the green, black and red one but it seems that has now got to be one of them. I know you are new to this but it isn’t a game. You heard what she said about socks.”

I couldn’t help it, I went to her and gave her a hug. I wanted to kiss her but she needed to get out of that outfit before anyone else saw.

“Now put one of the other ones on quickly before anyone else sees. Oh and try not to nibble your lip. You will end up with lipstick on your teeth and then you might end up wearing it without panties.”

Tifa quickly changed into the green outfit and I put the black one and the skimpy purple one aside. I took her to look at and chose her maid outfits.

“Now please, for your own sake don’t try one of the micro ones. It’s up to you but I would stick to black rather than pink or even the baby blue. They will draw less attention.”
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We went over to the racks. Whilst Tifa hunted through and started to select some, I went further down the rack and showed her what I meant by the ultra short ones.
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 "'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly."

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