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Reply To: Marcy and Michelle Bubbles Dorm Night (pvt)

Michelle Bubbles

I give a sigh of relief as she climbs in bed… she gets on top of me, almost mounting me, and I look up at her already very pretty face, the make up I applied just a few hours earlier pristine and spotless thanks to M&R technology, her elegant blonde hair teased into a curly elegant updo, her lips already plump, soft and attractive tahnks to the treatment. I saw earlier that she is to become a trohpy wife, and it’s easy to see now, already the direction of her feminization has taken a more classy (if equally sexy) direction than mine, and while she may quite easily get as ‘big’ as me, her personality will probably remain more… elegant than slutty, at least compared to me, destined to be a luxury escort and a porn star.


Not that any of those consideration go through my little bimbo brain, I am just relieved she is in bed as she tells me, no tongue. I open my mouth to tell her that well, we have to do that as well, or we’ll be punished again, when she leans down and starts kissing me. I moan and wiggle in delight under her, my eyes fluttering closed as the sensitization of my lips makes me love having them kissed and stimulated as much as my nipples, and I can’t resist. Well, we would be punished if I didn’t, but still, I try to push my tongue in her mouth.


She pulls back and I whine unconsciously, puckering my lips upward to try and find hers again, keeping my eyes closed, like a slut begging for more. My legs wrap around hers, trying to pull her in again, my hands around her waist, weakly pulling her down. What I don’t realize, dumb as I am, is that even if she already had, like all sissies, the muscle weakener treatment, she still has all her original muscle mass and can easily overpower me… if I could think, I would realize the need to keep her somewhat calm, a newbie sissy like her could try (and succeed) to dominate me and try to use me for her pleasure. It would be pointless, and useless even for her… but the proposition is very tempting for someone who has just been emasculated, and would give her a fleeting sense of control and strength. At the cost of my sleep, and her own, if we rev each other’s engines up… there will be no sleeping.


But, of course, I can barely think about having to kiss her. None of that goes through my fuzzy pink brain, and I just try to look as good as possible for her, still silently begging for her to kiss me again.


She finally does, and I mewl in delight, opening my mouth and accepting her tongue as it explores my own. Our boobs, even in their disparity, meet and stimulate each other, as she grabs my ass, and I start to give out muffled squeals of pleasure, writhing and rubbing my body sexily against her, mustering what little strength I have in my feminine arms and legs to pull her even closer. She squeezes my arm, and as she takes a more dominant role my arms automatically rise on her body, wrapping around her chest and lightly scratching her back, my legs pulling up as well and wrapping around her waist. Would be a perfect position to be fucked in… if it wasn’t for our little prisons. I fail to see how the situation is rapidly cascading towards a scenario where she tries to relieve herself with me all night long, and we get little to no sleep… one thing is for sure: this tape will sell quite well, and a lot of guards will be very entertained…


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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