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I could sense the new gurl was nervous and that I would need to put her at ease. It was unusual that a new entrant was dressed in such a uniform but she was a willing candidate after all.

“Right Tiffany, we will start with a basic examination and I will do the basics. The the Doctor will come and do the more advanced ones and prescribe your course of treatment. I understand you are new here so please address me as Nurse” and you would be advised to address the Doctor by her title as well.”

“Now please strip off to bra and panties while I fetch a few things and then lay on the couch. You can put your uniform neatly on the chair there.”

I pulled the curtain closed around her and then left her to get the blood test kit and the other things I would need. When I returned she was just getting up on the couch.

“Now don’t worry. We do have to do a full assessment but hopefully nothing that is too painful.”

I did the basics, pulse, blood pressure, temperature etc and then turned to her.

“Now I need to take a small blood sample for testing and analysis. Are you OK with such things or does it make you queasy?

Once she had answered, I put the tourniquet on and starting taking the sample.

“It is best left for the Doctor to decide but you do seem to have a very good figure. Hopefully it will respond well. There, all done. Still ok?”

“Good, I’ll just get these sent off for analysis. Just lay back and relax, the Doctor should be here soon.”

I left to cubicle and met the Doc on her way in.

“She seems to be a good candidate. I’ll get the bloods done, The results should be back when your examination is finished.”




Liz Broadbent had sent me a message this morning apologizing for the delay and also asking me to treat this as a special case. I had told her it wouldn’t affect my professional judgement but that I would do what I could. I entered the cubicle.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Swan and I shall be overseeing your treatment and transformation. I need to examine you so I can decide on the best way forward for you. I understand you do have some idea of the process and are willing to undergo it. Is that true?”

“Good. Please sit up while I listen to your heart.”

As I listened to her heart I did notice her skin seemed quite sensitive. I noted down the results on her record and checked it. It seemed she had only been here 24 hours and had been given the basic hormone treatment in her food and had used the body wash twice. It seemed her response was quite strong which boded well.

“Now please remove your bra and panties and then lay on your tummy while I examine you.”

I watched as she complied and seemed to become more nervous. I also noticed she was using a pad. Once she was lying down, I started to examine her body. Her general muscle tone was good. I examined her buttocks. There was a good underlying structure there but she did seem to be squirming a bit.

“Ok, please roll over so I can examine you front. Tell me has your skin become much more sensitive?”

Once she had answered I started to examine her front. First I had a good look around her face which had a good bone structure. It was actually quite feminine. I was beginning to think that although born a male either her male hormones were weak or she was already producing some female ones.

“Tell me, have you ever had what you thought were female thoughts or even thought of yourself as a girl? Please be honest. It is important I get a full picture.”

I waited until she had finished and continued my examination looking at her nipples and breast area. Once again she seemed to have a strong reaction. I then slowly worked my way down and she seemed to be leaking quite a bit of precum. I got my pad and keyed in her belt. I started it on a very low pleasure setting and manipulated her nipples. I increased the pleasure mode and continued with her nipples as she started to squirm quite strongly and leaked a lot more.

I gave a gentle laugh.

“You do seem to be quite a horny one. Am I right in guessing that you only have a tiny dicklet hidden behind the belt?”

I waited for her to answer but I knew the answer already from her expression.

“Don’t worry, it’s medical in confidence. Well the good news is that you appear very fit and healthy. Not only that but your underlying bone structure and muscle tone is already quite feminine. It will need a certain amount of help but once it is done, I think you will be very pretty and have a figure that many would envy.”

“I notice that your sponsor whoever it is is looking for a natural look rather than some exaggeration. I’m rather pleased about that. I do not like unnecessary surgery especially when some want a much exaggerated figure which can cause problems later in life.”

“Your Adams’s apple is quite small already and will only be a minor operation to address that. At the same time I can tightened your vocal chords slightly which will also give you a more feminine voice. Other than that unless you elect for a full transition after your training is complete, there won’t be any need for surgery.”

“You seem very responsive to hormone treatment and I think you will develop a female form very quickly. The only other thing I will need to address is to help you reduce the amount of precum you leak. It would not be good if you had to spend the rest of your life wearing sanitary towels. Don’t worry though, you will still get aroused, still have as much or even more feeling but will only get slightly damp.”

“Now before I start the treatment and while I wait for the results of your blood test, do you have any questions?”

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