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Reply To: Improving my Marriage (redux) (pvt)


The new gurl blushed deeply at my comments and it puzzled me more. She seemed so different from yesterday. I knew Miss B was working on something new and that strange things happened in this place but this seemed to be different. She already seemed so girlie and yet after a night in the dorm, I wouldn’t have expected her to blush so much.

“Of course I’m cute. It’s part M&R magic, part training and a large part because I’m me. #giggles. No need to thank me for showing you around. It’ll be much more fun than sitting in reception.”

I did wonder what she meant about a lot changing and from someone going from being tricked into being here to be willing in 24 hours did seem quite a big change.

“Well if it helps, you can always tell me about the changes. And don’t worry too much about the changes to come. It does seem a bit overwhelming at first but you soon get over that; more so since Miss B took over. The hardest thing for many is coming to terms that they have to change regardless of their choice. But as you want this to happen then it won’t be nearly as bad.”

I half stopped and looked her up and down.

“I’m no expert but I think you are going to be a stunner when your transition is complete. I do hope we can be friends. Proper friends can be really good in this place. Just watch out for the false ones. There is quite a pecking order among the gurls and some will go to almost any length to move up in it.”

“Look we are nearly there. I know it’s difficult at the start but you must always be formal and correct with the staff. Even in the early days when you know little, you are likely to be punished if you mess up with them. #giggles. The only trouble is that until you get to know them, it is sometimes hard to tell the real ladies from us gurls. The doc you see will definitely be staff. Most likely the nurse too but a couple are gurls. For the first few days best to treat everyone as staff unless you know for certain that they are one of us.”

We had arrived at the clinic and I took the new gurl inside. One of the nurses was at reception. I took my charge to the desk.

“This is Tiffany, I was asked to bring her here for her appointment.”

The nurse looked at her screen and then looked at Tiffany.

“Ah yes. Actually we were originally expecting you yesterday. But never mind. Would you like to come with me and we can start the examination. Your escort can wait here for you.”

I acknowledged to nurses instruction with a curtsy and watched as she lead Tiffany away to an examination room. 

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