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I felt totally spent and ready to pass out. I had been running on a high made up of sexual tension and Dominance. I didn’t think an orgasm could have been better than the second one but it had been. I could feel the wonderful creature that was Tifa holding me safely, her head resting on me. I’m not sure how long I lay there waiting for some energy to return and to stop my limbs feeling like jelly. In an ideal world I would have just had Tifa pull the cover over us and gone to sleep.

However, I knew I couldn’t do that. I had a duty to look after her and she had a long day ahead of her. I knew her night clothes must be soaked in my juices and I could feel them on my face. Finally, I managed to take a deep breath and felt I could move again. I rolled over to face her. I put my hand up and stroked her face.

“Thank you my sweet. I feel totally and utterly drained my love but also so complete and so satisfied. Nobody has ever worn me out like you have. All I want to do is to sleep.”

I could see all my mess on her face and as I looked down on her night things.

“I can hardly let you sleep like that though can I? So lets get you sorted out and then we can get some sleep. Do you need the bathroom?

I could see the look of disappointment in her eyes. No doubt much of her tension was still there as it had not been released like mine.

“Go and clean up in the bathroom, I’ll find you some clean night things. #giggles. Someone seems to have made a mess of those.”

As Tifa headed for the bathroom, I reluctantly got off the bed, put my robe on and went to find something fresh for her to wear. It might not have been her choice, but I thought pink would suit her tonight and it matched how I was coming to feel about her.

I headed for the bathroom and went up behind Tifa, put my arms around her and looked at both of us in the mirror. Then I leaned in and nuzzled her neck. I had been right, her top felt all sticky.

“Right, get out of those things so I can get you ready.”

It was too late for a shower but I grabbed a towel and used that to give her body a good rub. Then I helped her into the fresh cami set and robe. I took her hand and led her to my bedroom.

“Wait here for me my sweet while I freshen up as well. I won’t be long.”

I headed for the bathroom and cleaned myself up, starting to feel a bit less drained. I headed to my dressing room and found a pair of silk PJ’s with a matching robe. I wandered back to the bedroom.

“Go on, jump in, you know which side.”

I climbed in on my side sliding under the satin cover. Tifa had lain down facing me and I wriggled across to her. Once there I rolled her over and snuggled in close behind her.

“Thank you my sweet. That was truly wonderful. I’m never going to let you go.”

I started to lightly nuzzle her neck and as I did so I had a thought. There was one part I hadn’t explored and Tifa’s slightly unusual attention to my ass reminded me of it. So as I nuzzled her neck, I slide my hand down and started to caress the cheeks of her bum through the satin. Then I started to lightly tease the upper part of her crack. I was not going to explore far, I was too drained but I did work lower until I used my finger to lightly caress her anus through the satin. I then moved my arm up and around her to give her nipples a very light rub before leaving my arm across her, my hand lightly on her stomach.

I gave her one final kiss on the neck.

“I do love you my sweet but now you need to try and get some sleep. Long day tomorrow.”

I was still feeling drained and I could have fallen asleep straight away but I had put her through a lot this evening and I wanted to make sure she was ok. I could feel the tension in her body. However, it started to slowly drain and her breathing slowed. Tifa must have been running on arousal too because she was soon asleep. I left my arm where it was, shut my eyes and almost immediately, I was drifting off too.

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