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Hi, I’m Sophie.

I was recommended to enrol here by my wife. She felt that I didn’t sufficiently appreciate the efforts that she felt she was forced to make to be, not just a very effective executive in technical sales, but also to always look beautiful; elegantly dressed and perfectly made up. I always thought that people were more interested in how you perform than how you look. I now realise that that may be true for men, but is quite different for women.

She wanted me to enrol so that I would realise that the way I look is as, or more, important than my performance. I need to understand that I have to dress elegantly and perfectly made up every minute of every day if I am to be taken seriously in our business world. It is not sufficient to be good at my job, I have to become a perfect trophy wife too.

And so I’m here… I share my wife’s desire for me to become addicted to looking beautiful. I am already good at dressing and makeup. I can pass very easily but I need to develop an obsession to look perfect and an irresistible desire to do anything to please; to dress to please, to act to please, to walk to please and to become totally fixated on becoming more than a trophy, a real pleasure doll.


Sophie xxx


Sophie xxx

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