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Reply To: Trixie’s Collared Maid(s)

Trixie Truheart

Well! I never…! I give my maids a chance to make their choices for our next activity and I do not hear one peep from my 3 collared beauties. “Slave Stacey, please drive us back to the hotel. Pull up to the side entrance and let valet take care of limo from there,” I order in a very stern voice.

I bring Kat close to me on one side and Olivia to the other in the back seat and start playing with their titties; pinching their hard nipples to full arousal, so they want more when I drop my hands away. I am so upset that my maids did not take advantage of my good mood and choose our next activity. Well, that’s alright, I’ve got a few activities in mind that I’m sure they’ll enjoy for the rest of the evening.

We take the side entrance service elevator to the top floor, change elevators to the main one, and insert my special card to the penthouse suite. Once we exit the elevator, I grab Olivia first. I bet she forgot about her driving miscues that caused our captive to escape, leaving me with the task of finding another limo driver.

“Olivia dear, I have set aside a very special room for your sleeping pleasure tonight. I’m sure you’ll approve of these arrangements just for you,” kissing her endearingly while escorting her to the room I have in mind.

Entering the room, I thrust her onto the bed and start shackling her ankles and wrists to the four corners of the bed. A different dick gag is fitted into her mouth to stop the annoying screams coming from her mouth. “Now, now my bondage maid Olivia, no need to scream so loud. You know that no one can hear you from the penthouse suite; don’t you my dear?”

I can see that slave Stacey and Kat are visibly shaken as they watch me take my frustration out on Olivia.

Very cat like, I gracefully climb onto the end of the bed and slowly make my way to Olivia’s mouth, brushing my blood-red polished nails up Olivia’s thighs to increase her arousal. My nails circle her breasts while I look into her eyes, with a wry smile growing across my face, I straddle her chest. I look to my side and acknowledge slave Stacey to come close to me and to Olivia’s precarious position. I forcefully grasp a hold of Stacey’s “not wanting to service mistress” wrist with one hand and grab my flogger in the other as Kat watches bugged eyed at the scene I have set before us…


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