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Reply To: Marcy and Michelle Bubbles Dorm Night (pvt)

Michelle Bubbles

She just looks up at me, and my smile drops down a bit as she asks in a pretty annoyed tone if I really am the same girl that was assigned nurse duty for her today, if I was the one responsible for her new totally fab look.


“Uhm, yeah… yeah I am! Well… uhm… yeah, I don’t think there are other Michelles Bubbles in here… I mean, I like never met any!”


I give a little giggle at that, but she ignores me and continues, asking about what we just did. Before I can answer she goes on a tangent, and also asks about how will we sleep, and what the belt is doing.


“Oh, ok, uhm, that was like a lot of questions, uuuh… I’ll try to answer! So, that exercise was like, to make us all like nice and flexible, I know it kinda sucks but it totally helps when we get fucked in those positions! And you will want it, trust me!”


What I mean to say is that it is better to be flexible than not, as we will be forced to assume those positions anyway and we will be fucked anyway, so might as well do it without feeling like your spine is about to snap or your legs are about to be dislocated. But especially in my diminished awareness I don’t see how those words might be misinterpreted… making me look like I love it here and I want Marcy to love it too as soon as possible. A mistake I keep making with my next words.


“We also like, both sleep on the bed! And we are like, supposed to warm each other up, that’s why we have no blankets! And they are clothes, silly, and like you have all that super sexy lingerie on you! I’m totally jealous! *giggle*”


I am in fact a bit jealous… but it’s because she got to wear thigh high stockings that look pretty thick (relatively so) and even her panties, bra and garter belts are thicker than usual. I learned to appreciate the subtle difference, that tiny little more warmth it provides, while tonight I only have a super sheer open back teddy that provides even less cover.


“And the belt like does it like this every night… It’s not so bad, at least you know it’s coming, like, during the day it’s just like, random and junk you know? So you’re like doing stuff, like doing a strip tease or sucking a cock, and suddenly – BOOM! – The belt totally makes you even more super horny and stuff, and it makes you totally love it and… uhm, like it’s weird! better to just roll with it you know, there’s like no way to turn it off anyway…”


I realize I am still standing over her, holding out my hand to help her up, but she doesn’t move and just stares at me. Unable to realize just how much of a willing bimbo slut I made myself look, I giggle awkwardly, confused at her reaction and unwillingness to stand up and pull back my hand with a dainty, graceful move.


“Well, uhm… I’m getting like super chilly, my nips are rock hard! I’m going to bed, you should like join me soon, I am getting so cold!”


I lament, as I start to make my way to the bed, wiggling and swaying on my high heels as I absent-mindedly shake my head to adjust my hair, using my hands to guide the ass-length blonde mane behind my shoulders and over my back, as I am now used to doing before going to bed. I found that the super long hair I was stuck with is at least useful to keep a little bit more warm, and collecting it behind my back makes it more manageable once I am in bed and I can wrap it over my tummy, but even that to Marcy must look like a vain princess making sure her hair looks great even when sleeping.



My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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