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In the land of Hop, in the deep, dark forest that lay between the sea and the mountains lived a community of bunnies. The bunnies were protected from the wild creatures that lived in the forest by the magic of the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny lived beyond the mountains, and was both loved and feared by the bunnies because once a year, on the first full moon of spring, the Easter Bunny would visit the bunnies and leave them chocolate eggs on their pillows while they slept. But also on that same night one of the bunnies would disappear forever. The bunnies imagined that the Easter Bunny took one of their sisters and did wicked things to her in payment for the chocolatey treats.

And so this year, Bobbie Bunny slipped into bed wearing her best bunny outfit, hoping to find chocolate eggs on her pillow the following morning.

Bobbie Bunny opened her eyes and stared in horror at the face looking down at her. The face of the Easter Bunny, illuminated only by the moon shining in to her burrow. Easter Bunny was on all fours on top of Bobbie as she lay in bed. A strange magic held Bobbie fast so she couldn’t move.

”There you are” said the Easter Bunny, smiling like a wolf. Bobby could only stammer, “Pl…please don’t”.

”Now, be quiet for a moment”, said the Easter Bunny, and there was magic behind her words that made Bobbie want to be quiet more than anything else in the world.

”I have other uses for your little mouth” said her captor, and Easter Bunny slowly pulled down her top and let her soft, warm breasts fall onto Bobbie’s face.

Confused but aroused Bobbie searched with her mouth for the hard nipples that she felt bobbing against her cheeks. She felt her little poker swell in response, and groaned softly as Easter Bunny’s fingernails feathered the soft satin between Bobbies legs, then undid her buttons so that her little poker fell free.

Bobbie pulled her gaze away from the big eyes peering down at her and looked instead at what was going on between her legs. She was surprised to see the Easter Bunny had a Poker all of her own, though it was strapped to Her like a belt.

“Choose little Bobbie, chocolate treats in the morning or a lifetime serving me.” As the question was asked, Bobbie felt the Easter Bunny’s Poker press against her little peep hole.

Bobbie thought of the chocolatey goodness that would await her in the morning if she wanted it. But her mind was made up. It was no decision at all really. And in so doing, the spell was broken. Bobbie was released. She put her arms around Easter Bunny’s neck, pulled her into a kiss, and felt Easter Bunny press forward inside her. The two bunnies disappeared in a whisper and were never heard of again.


Looking for friends not sex
I live in New Zealand so I am probably posting when most of you are getting your beauty sleep

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