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Reply To: Sexy Bunny Competition – 2020


It was a dark cold night at the bar the beer was brewing and filled to the top

The neon sign was flashing the word pink purple Sissy bunny gurl andrea Tiffany the lustful lucrative waitress

I pink purple Sissy bunny gurl andrea Tiffany was sporting ruby red lipstick

The male client dressed in luxurious clothes was checking me out

He was undressing me with his eyes that I blushed red on my face

I wiggle my bunny tail feeling very humiliated

I lick my lips , tasting my red lipstick

I walk up and lift my dress and panties showing my locked up clitty

I give the most graceful curtsy

Im wearing my bunny uniform that shows my boobsies and im exposing my legs

It was because the client paid handsomely

Hi Client you have nice pants and bulge

He he thanks for noticing

Hi Lola ashley I love your uniform its neat like mine oh I have to ask if im tardy late 

okay let me tell you pink purple Sissy bunny andrea Tiffany you are not late

I mean lola ashley its good im not late for work but where are the rest of the customers, 

thats easy the rest arent coming today

Says Lola ashley

well lola ashley I suppose thats all right 

lola ashley takes away my beer bottle look I heard from a birdy that you like the client brad am I right pink purple Sissy bunny gurl andrea Tiffany

well yes its true but I didn’t think that you lola ashley would find out

See I was right you are enamored with brad

look lola ashley im down on my hands and knees please I know how I flirt with your boyfriend brad a little bit but look im not lying I never force a move on him hes your boyfriend blush

Lola ashley laughs  chillax pink purple Sissy bunny gurl andrea Tiffany I know you are my friend I know that you never break our trust but do you like brad

ok I confess that I do love brad I cant help it lola ashley

I thought you say that pink purple Sissy bunny gurl andrea Tiffany so here is the thing my boyfriend is shackled at the table at the end of the room , brads over there see my boyfriend you can’t miss him ,go say hi to him 

well ok I will do that im walking there blush oh hi brad im pink purple Sissy bunny gurl andrea Tiffany 

hey nice to meet you my girlfriend told me you are infatuated with me oh if it isn’t andrea Tiffany the bunny damn you are flipping hot 

brad walks closer to me and inspects my beautiful uniform brad picks up the chocolate bar forcing me to suck on it I blush and suck and eat the candy bar the client brad brushes my thighs with his hands 

oh oh ooh ooh brad that feeling so hot and nice 

HE HE I thought you may say that ,

this feels so wrong and good at the same time ooh ohh you are touching my caged clitty , blush that hasn’t been open in forever

ha ha I don’t remember me offering to uncage you silly sissy bunny gurl

I pink purple Sissy  bunny gurl andrea Tiffany smile and beg for release brad laughs and throws key in garage disposal

I pink purple Sissy bunny gurl andrea Tiffany slide and run my whore red nails on his nipples lightly caressing each nipple tip while blushing and laying a kiss on his lips staining my lipstick and blushing as my lipstick smeared off me feeling the tingle on lips , he touches my breasts and they begin growing a lot







I, Mistress Andrea Tiffany, am proudly owned by Goddess Sasha.

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©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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