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Reply To: Marcy and Michelle Bubbles Dorm Night (pvt)

Michelle Bubbles

With the corner of my eye I watch as the poor doll gets zapped for not assuming the position, poor baby! But she can’t be that smart… And she was kinda mean just a moment ago, like there’s no need to call me a bitch! She asks me for help, and while I do keep my position without even turning my head, I try to help.


“Oh there’s like a thingy… A screen, like behind you honey! It like shows you how to do it!” 


I reply with a ditzy smile, and there is indeed a section of the wall behind Marcy that has smoothly turned into a high definition screen somehow, and is displaying the correct form for her own exercise.


The belt stops punishing her once she assumes the position, and we are kept like that for a bit, of course at different ability levels. We go through a few more yoga positions, and while hers are all fairly basics mine tend to be suggestive, hard and with ridicolously sexual names, until about 10 long and hot minutes, with the belts almost constantly stimulating us, ‘preparing’ us for bed (something that is all the more arduous for the new girl, unused to the belt and seeing a sexy bimbo contort herself into the most absurdly sexy positions) a ringing bell sounds out signaling the end of yoga for today. I districare myself from my last position (“begging harlot”).


I hop to my heels with an innocent smile and stand over Marcy, still on the mat, offering a hand to help her get up. Even in my diminished awareness, I know I should try to make sure she doesn’t try to completely overpower me and use me for her own pleasure tonight, especially as it seems tonight is one without buttplug… But I know there are plenty of sex toys in the drawers around the room, all kinds that any gurl could ask for in fact. And I don’t want her to use any on me!


“Like, nice job! I know it’s like totally hard at first, but don’t worry, in no time you’ll be as good as me! *giggle*” 


Of course I don’t realize that my attempt at a compliment might read as insulting or even threatening to a new gurl…


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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