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Reply To: Marcy and Michelle Bubbles Dorm Night (pvt)

Michelle Bubbles

The belt start pleasuring me right before arriving at my dorm room. And that way I know I need to hurry! It takes so long to read all the big numbers on the doors however, and I need to keep checking that I am going the right way… it’s also so hard to figure out if the new big number is like, a bigger number than the last big number… but they all just sound super big! Finally however I manage to find the righ door, and I quickly open it, tottering inside with my chest heaving from the hurry of having to get there on time for yoga time. I remember how mad the masters and mistresses were last time I got late! I walk inside, breathing a sigh of relief, fixing my hair and glancing over at ther other sissy. Uhm… she looks familiar, and also new… weird!


“Uhm, hi! I don’t think we’ve like, met! My name is Michelle Bubbles, but uhm… it’s like super weird I feel like we met each otehr already…”


i pout slightly, a finger on my lips, as I visibly try really hard to remember. Before the other girl can fill me in, it finally hits me. I saw her an hour ago!


“Oh! Wait! You’re like, Marcy right? Yeah! Oh my gosh you look so totally cute in that lingerie! And your make up too! Uhm, well I guess that’s like thanks to me *giggle*”


If I were more present to myself, I would be able to notice how clearly she can already tell my intelligence has taken a serious dive down. As it is, I don’t even think about it. The worst part about my bimbo trigger is that even if I consciously know I am stupid, and tomorrow I will immediately remember how idiotic I am behaving right now and sink into numerous layers of regret and embarrassment, right know I feel fine and as smart as ever. The true curse of the idiot is to not know they are an idiot.


Not that those thoughts pass through my head right now, I just think I am doing a pretty good job of complimenting the other girl so she is happy and does not try to totally overpower me and grope me all night long. It will be like bad enough with the belts pleasuring us, but I know from experience if we give in and tease each other we will be horny trembling messes right from early morning tomorrow!


My musings and the girl’s response (if she even says anything) are interrupted by the familiar speaking crackling to life and starting to give us instructions for the evening. First, flexibility training!


“Sissy MIchelle, yoga level 8: assume inverted worship position.”


I give a little ‘o’ and dutifully drop to my knees first, then on all fours on the soft carpet as the screen flickers to life and shows another, equally sexy smiling sissy assume the position, butI visibly don’t even look and naturally assume the very advanced and demanding position, showing off the flexibility of an advanced sissy, and unwillingly providing with even more clarity the picture of a grim future for Marcy, showing her all the ways her body and mind will bend to sissy perfection if she stays as long as me. I do not remember in my current state, or rather I lack the ability to think about it, but it is a common tactic to pair new sissies on their first night with very advanced, fully trained or almost fully trained specimens just for that purpose.


I obediently hold the position, while the speaker gives Marcy her first yoga pose, a much more simple one, with enough space beside me on the soft carpet for her to assume that position on. Of course many new sissies at furst resist, until the belts start frying their jiblets that is…


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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