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I had heard the disappointment in Tifa’s voice when I left. Well she had to learn her place. I made my way to my dressing room and sat in front of the mirror. My face did look a bit of a wreck. I cleaned the makeup off and was just letting down my hair when I heard Tifa going to the bathroom. I smiled. I stood up and stripped all my clothes of, Well there was only the pantsuit and the rather damp thong. I thought about sleepwear but just put a robe on.

I heard Tifa go back to the spare room and grinned. I picked up my pad and put her belt on a medium pleasure setting. Not enough to get her fully aroused but enough to make her squirm in the satin sheets and not fall asleep. It would also remind her that she had no way of releasing the sexual tension she was feeling. I went to the bathroom and freshened up before returning to my dressing room.

There had been a reason I had not jumped into bed with Tifa. Firstly, I didn’t want to wake up with makeup on and the other more profound reason was very personal. I had not been to bed with someone for a very long time nor had anyone seen me naked since then. I didn’t want to set myself in the wrong mood by feeling coy and embarrassed.

Whilst makeup was out, perfume was not and I added some more. Normally I might have put some silk pajamas on the highlight the difference between our stations in life but not tonight. If anything, Tifa rolling against my groin had been the final thing but I had been feeling increasingly aroused all day and now I wanted a release from that. I checked my robe and my hair in the mirror and switched the belt off. Then I made my way to the guest room. I just opened to door and went in. Tifa started and looked at me as I went to the side of the bed.

“Move over you are on my side.”

As Tifa scrambled to make room, I undid the robe and let it slide off my shoulders to the floor.

“I hope you realize that you are the first person to see me naked in a good few years young lady.”

I pulled back the bed clothes and crawled across the bed and then sat astride Tifa my hands going to her nipples as I looked down on her. I started to rub and tease her nipples as she started wriggling beneath me.

“I hope you are not too disappointed?”

Still with my hands teasing her nipples, I leaned forward and started to kiss her. It wasn’t only Tifa’s body that was reacting and I started to wriggle my hips on top of Tifa. I rolled off Tifa and lay propped up beside her. I slide the strap just off her shoulder and started lightly kissing her, first her neck and then working my way down to start kissing and nibbling her nipple. Under my tongue I could feel it firming up and I knew this would be a new experience for her.

I moved my hand down and started to explore her body with my finger. Her navel, the area just above her belt and the inside of her thighs; in fact everywhere but on the belt itself. I was again emphasizing the fact that it was now an area unavailable to her.

I started moving my kisses back up until I was back on her mouth and I invaded her mouth with my tongue, my hand went behind her head making sure she was trapped under my probing tongue. I finally came up for air and looked at her.

“Happy my sweet? Or did you think I would leave you on your own tonight?”

 "'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly."

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