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Tiffany kissed me again and then set off for the kitchen wiggling her bum at me. I suppose I should have been cross that she was being so forward. But I wasn’t, she was only responding to a need in me and bearing in mind what I had just put her through, it must have been tough for her. However, I couldn’t let the bum wiggle go. That was just too provocative. I picked up the remote, set it to a mid to low pleasure setting and switched it on. Tifa still wasn’t used to heels and when it hit her, she nearly turned an ankle. She looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a wry smile.

I took a deep breath to clear my head. I was very tempted to go to the kitchen and tease Tifa but thought I had better not. She had certainly got under my skin. I was sure she had deliberately pressed her hip against me when she turned to give me a kiss. Most of my pleasure during the day had been in teasing her and making her squirm. What’s more the buzz from that had been far stronger than usual. But her hip movement had given me a different buzz, one I hadn’t really felt for a while.

Tifa came back with the tea and poured it. She served my mine and then waited. I patted the seat beside me and was rewarded with a large smile. She settled herself beside me but kept a slight gap. I was glad to see that she seemed to have an innate sense of when she could be forward and when not to. I turned to her and gave her a quick kiss.

“I hope you didn’t hurt your ankle earlier young lady. Self harm is very much frowned upon.”

Part of me wanted to be serious with her but I just couldn’t do it. Not at the moment.

“Thank you my sweet. You have been wonderful this evening and you have made me very proud of you. I am really very lucky to have you and even more lucky to have your love.”

“Now it has been a very emotional day for both of us. You are very kind to say I look beautiful but I still feel a wreck. What’s more, tomorrow is going to be a long and very busy day for both of us, especially you.”

“So drink up and once we have had our tea, I think it’s probably time I got you ready for bed.

I held her hand as we drank our tea and when it was gone, I stood up and pulled her up after me. I then led her to my dressing room where I grabbed some makeup wipes and some nightwear. Then I took her to the spare room. There was no obvious mirror in there and I didn’t want her being reminded of Jeff when all the finery came off. I wanted her to go to bed still feeling life my Tiffany.

I sat her on the bed and gently removed all her makeup. I then removed the wig and helped her to her feet. I knew she could probably undress herself but I wanted to do it. Not exactly mother her but just to help her feel that she was now owned.

I didn’t rush it. I knew by now the effects of having no body hair, the body wash would have started to soften her skin and helped by the hormones made it more sensitive. I helped her into the lacy French knickers and the satin cami top. Then I gave her a hug from behind resting my hands on her nipples and very lightly teasing them through the satin. I also gave her neck a nibble as I felt her melt against me.

I put the matching short satin robe on the bed and turned back the covers. The bed had been made up with satin sheets and I knew she would feel them especially against the satin top.

“I’ve left the robe there for you in case you need the bathroom in the night. Thank you again my sweet for everything you have done today. Now I really must get rid of my ruined warpaint and also get ready for bed.”

I gave her a very light kiss and then used my finger to wipe off the traces of lipstick I had left on her lips before leaving. 

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