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Reply To: Trixie’s Collared Maid(s)

Trixie Truheart

“Thank you slave Stacey.” Now that’s what I call service from a maid…opening a door for her mistress…nice!

Let me see…Olivia is bound and gagged and Dirty Den is bound and gagged. My, my, my…I never knew my maids were so kinky!

“Slave Stacey, please get the limo started for Olivia and come inside.” 

“And Olivia, you will drive nice a slow. We don’t need any bumps or swerves along the way that will ruin your friend’s paint job. I’m sure you understand what can happen to you if the canvas in the back moves…right? Just drive to the hotel dear, and everything will work out just fine.”

“Okay Kat, let’s get Dirty Den into position for your painting pleasure,” as I maneuver Den and me in the limo. I ask my maids for some lubrication and then move to behind Dirty Den and position myself on his rosebud.

“Now listen carefully Den,” I seriously caution him. “If you are not nice and compliant for my maids, I’m gonna shove this rod deep into your ass to see how loud you can pig squeel. And if you are really naughty to my maids, I’m gonna pump until you cum in total humiliation for our TV fans. I hope you get my meaning thar Den.”

“Okay Kat and slave Stacey, it’s time for your show!”


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