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I walked across the room if anything emphasizing the way one should walk in heels. As I approached Tifa, I put one finger under her chin and closed her mouth. Although I was rather pleased with the result of wearing the outfit, discipline was discipline and she had been told.

“I have already told you that nice girls do not gape. If you do not listen and improve, I will either have to discipline you. Or would you rather I went and put some sweats on? How can I possibly have you with me when I meet friends if you keep gaping like a fish?”

I continued to the dining room. I knew just how revealing this outfit was and I had seen how Tifa was wondering if I had anything on underneath it. I also knew that my walk would emphasis my ass. I could feel Tifa’s eyes on it. Well she did say she liked it.

I had a glance in the room. Tifa had made a good job of setting the table. Just then the door chime went.

“Be a good girl and let them in. Hopefully it is the first course. Bring them to the dining room.”

I went into the dining room and stood by my chair waiting. Tifa came in with the waitress behind.

“Good evening Miss Broadbent. Do you wish me to serve?”

“Yes please, once my partner has stopped gawking and taken her seat.”

I took my seat and smiled inwardly as Tifa took hers. So far she had not done much apart from the tea. It was going to be interesting to see how she coped with her new rather long nails. She would need to get used to them but it would take her a while adapting.

I watched with interest as Tifa sat down and we were both served. It was going to interesting to see the effect it would have on her being waited on. It was something she was going to have to adapt to; maintaining her submission to me even when others were serving her.

“Will there be anything else Miss Broadbent?”

“No that is lovely thank you. Would you bring the main course in about 30 minutes. We are not in rush this evening.”

“Of course Miss Broadbent.”

The waitress left and we turned out attention to the meal.

“Tell me my sweet. How does it feel knowing that you now have absolutely no control over your life or what happens to it?”

 "'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly."

i am baby blue and i am proud to be owned by Sapphire Storm

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  • This reply was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by poppy.
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