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I waited till Tifa had got more steady on her heels and then when she came past me, I gave her a playful tap on her ass.

“Your ass is not too bad either young lady. Now I still need to get ready but I have a job for you. Come with me.”

I took her by the hand and led her to the dining room.

“Now be a dear and lay the table for me. 3 courses, a glass for water and try to get a jug of water from the kitchen, ice should be in the freezer.”

“Now take it steady, you are still new to heels. The china is mine and one of my favorites. I would not like to be upset with you because you broke any of it rushing. But neither are you to remove the heels to do it. Understand young lady?”

I waited till Tifa answered and then headed to my dressing room. My choice of a dress for Tifa and the pantsuit for me had been deliberate. I wanted her to get used to the fact that whilst I could wear trousers or have my legs covered, she could not. I knew just the outfit.

I sat in front of the vanity and cleaned my face of all its makeup. Once again, I took much longer than I usually did. I used every trick I knew to make sure it was not only flawless but highlighted my best features and hide the bad ones. While I was doing it, I thought back to Tifa’s comment about her nipples. They would be even more sensitive later with the additions to her food. Still she was going to have to get used to that especially when her nipples started to enlarge and her breasts started to form with the drugs.

Then I peeled my clothes off and put a robe on to head to the bathroom to make sure I was fresh. Then it was back to the dressing room to add perfume. One with a deeper tone and a hint of naughtiness about it. Research had shown that we tend to remember scents for far longer than other thing and I wanted Tifa remembering it. The next few days were going to be difficult for her and I wanted her to have something to sustain her.

Next came a pale blue thong which barely covered me. I left my legs and breasts bare. Finally I got out the outfit I wanted and slipped into it before adding a pair of  6” heels with a platform sole which would be slightly easier on my legs. Finally I tided my hair. A quick check on the clock showed that I had timed it perfectly. The food would be here very shortly and as long as Tifa hadn’t made a mess of laying the table we would be able to eat.

I was hungry in more ways than one. I went to the dining room to make my entrance.

 "'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly."

i am baby blue and i am proud to be owned by Sapphire Storm

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