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Reply To: Michelle Bubbles' lingerie fitting

Michelle Bubbles

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I rush naked into the changing room on my tip-toes, gasping and panting slightly as I had to hurry my shower after the thorough fucking I received… God I hate barracks duty… the guards always take their sweet time with us when we have to pleasure them and after doing conversion and initiation for that new sissy today, Marcy, it was hell. Well, a blissfull, pleasurable hell as my damned sissy body kept me horny and moaning and orgasming all the time – never in a satisfying way of course, and even at the end of the massive gang bang I still longed for more. I learned not to think about this stuff with my time here… but with the extra time needed to clean up after, now I risk being late as most of the other sissies are already halfway done with changing in their nightwear!


I hurry to my locker and open it, seeing a flash of pink inside as I do. My experienced eyes scan the garment and I breathe a sigh of relief as I realize it’s a very simple, if skimpy, teddy, without even stockings on, and only matching high heels. Easy to put on, just one garment, exactly what I need not to be late. I pick it out of the small closet, mindful of keeping my seductive smile and giving a little flick of my hair, following the ‘homework’ given to me by Mister Simon Bone ( @themorrigan ) to always move in a seductive way. With the same mindset, I bend at the waist and stick out my ass, slowly moving it from side to side, before stepping into the leg holes of the garment, and I pull myself back up with the skimpy teddy in tow, until it settles snugly against my chastity belt. I then run my hand up my body while holding the straps and flick my hair gracefully again, letting my hands sneak under it and around my neck, where I quickly and expertly tie the pink strings around it. Another expert knot around my lower back, and the lingerie is already on. I really was lucky tonight!


After that, the heels go on just as quickly and sexily, and I find myself in the line of sissies awaiting appraisal and room assignment even before most of them. Yay! As the buzzer of ‘time’s up’ sounds out a few minutes later, there’s the usual whimpering of newbies that still did not manage to make it on time and know punishment is coming, while I stand in the line perfectly, smiling prettily and waiting for the guards to appraise our work. I keep my eyes down as the heavily built man appraoches… oh God, I recognize those horrid sandals…


“Well well, hello Michelle! How is my favorite troietta today?”


After being addressed, I keep my cool, dropping into a curtsey and smiling at the man: Riccardo, one of the few italian guards I met in this place… and one of the dumbest. I think he took a liking to me because of our shared national heritage. Well, my stunning sex-doll body probably played a part, but even amongst other veteran sissies he seems to have a preference for me.


“Good evening Master Salieri! I am doing very well, thank you so much for asking! How may I make YOUR day more pleasant?”


He smiled at my response, grabbing my cheeks between his meaty fingers and forcing my lips into an ‘O’, while stroking his black chinstrap with his other hand. Then, still holding me, he leaned closer, the light glinting off his jet black slicked back hair from all the hair gel he always pours on – I’ve heard sissies complain they get so much of it in their own hair after he fucks them… well, one time it happened to me!


“Ah, it’s so great to see you but so terribile to see you right now when we don’t have time… when will you be back to my block huh? No other sissy knows quite how to suck my cazzo like you do!”


He laments, finally letting go of my face. My smile returns, pristine and unchanged, before I drop into another curtsey and answer.


“Oh Master, I don’t know! I always find it so scrumptious to service you!”


I titter in adoration. But something is wrong… as soon as I day that, his expression goes from shocked, to sour. Suddenly, his hand shoots forward and grabs my hair, pulling on it and forcing my head to bend back. I yelp in surprise, my smile breaking, as he leans in close, his eyes filled with fury.


“WHAT THE FUCK did you just say to me, you little useless puttana! Are you saying you hate pleasing me, huh? And here I thought you were furba… smart… you little cunt… by now you should know not to talk back like that to your masters…”


He reaches down in his pocket, my eyes scared and confused, until finally it clicks. I used a word far too big and compliacted for Riccardo, the dumb gorilla that he is he thinks that ‘scrumptious’ means something else! I know he is going for the remote, to deliver a maximum level pain punishment to my belt… but in my haste to stop that I commit another mistake:


“No no no please Master! Scrumtpious means amazing, great, lovely! I really do love sucking your cock and getting fucked by you I swear!”


He stops, but the fury in his eyes remain. I just corrected him, told him he was wrong, and in his eyes, made a fool of him. But he also knows… WHO my new trainer is. Something that I will always be eternally grateful to Mister Simon, is that he guaranteed me that every punishment I get would be fair, from my own mistakes. And every guard that needs to deal with me has been told of that. So now Riccardo is frozen, not knowing what to do. He KNOWS I’m probably right… he does not know a lot of words… and I suspect he does not know a lot of words in italian either, so it’s more than a language barrier… but I can’t imagine he would let me go without a punishment after that…


After what feels like several seconds of holding me and pulling my hair, he finally lets go, but a sinister smile spreads on his face as he leans in again.


“Oooh, I see. Little miss Einstein thinks she is so smart and she knows aaaall the big words, huh? I think YOU need a little resizing… maybe I should remind you WHO has the brains here… Bubbles goes POP.”


I gasp and my head spins, my intelligence draining for the day as he speaks the dreaded trigger words, my eyes glazing over and my mouth hanging open for a moment as I become even dumber than him…


A second or two later I come to, staring in the face of the satisfied gorilla, who stands back up straight.


“That should teach you to correct your betters, slut. You should know, it’s not your job to tell others what is right or wrong! I think we will see each other again soon, next time I’ll have a far better use for that mouth of yours!”


I automatically drop into another curtsey and follow my training, so much easier to do when I am like this.


“Uhm, thank you Master! As you wish Master, I will like, please you super good!”


I titter through a bright smile, and finally he leaves. Phooie! I can’t believe he got to do that, and he will probably like, get away with it too! That was like super smart, especially for Riccardo! He like did not punish me without reason, because he punished me for explaining things to him, which I did! I think? Man, it’s like… oh!


My thoughts are interrupted as the line of sissies starts moving, and we all get our assignment for the night. Apparently, I will go to room 3542 tonight… oh drats! I hope my roommate will not like, realize how dumb I am right now…


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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