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Reply To: Jack Becomes an Apprentice (Pvt for Legion)


Ms. Vogel can’t help but smile when Jackie thanks her for her kindness.   She knows that it is insincere, but in a little while Jack will understand that in her own fashion she has been forgiving and kind, perhaps the next time they meet.    The police give him back his items, but keep Crystal’s phone and do not hinder him in any way.   Although some do seem to be amused by something.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”, she says with a devil’s smile as he calls up a ride.   She maintains that same smile as Jack leaves the station to get to his ride.   After a while, the Uber arrives, a large black SUV.   By sheer coincidence, the belt gives him a particularly pleasurable zap at the same moment he sees the driver.

After Jack enters the rear seat of the car and buckles into the seatbelt, the woman starts to drive off.   At first, she appears to be going according to the route to Jack’s house, but then she takes a sharp left turn heading for the central part of the city, a rougher neighborhood near the red-light district.    The seatbelt Jack is wearing cannot be opened without the driver releasing it, nor the door locks or windows.   She also has access to belt controls and can use them to full effect if she needs to.   As such, she is pretty sure that whatever Jack’s reaction when he realizes that this isn’t his planned destination, she will be able to handle him.


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