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Reply To: Arriving in M&R


Mistress says I’m her sex toy. She spent a lot of money and time on my transformation. She is not happy with me and says that I will stay here for further training. She turns and goes to the exit.
“Please MISTRESS forgive me. Take me out of this terrible place. I don’t want to stay here. Please train me. I will do whatever you say. Just don’t leave me here.”
I crawl on my knees after my ex-girlfriend. She turns on me. I close my eyes and start kissing and licking her boots.

I hope she forgives me and takes me home. God, how low I fell. I am dressed as a slave girl and thankful for what my girlfriend did to me. I hope I can leave this terrible place. And it is possible that I will be able to escape from the mistress and return to the masculine form.


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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