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I was trying to be serious with Tiffany. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind. Surely it couldn’t be true! It was the way she had said about messing up too often, then the changing and now the squealing. I took her head in my hands and turned her to face me making sure she could not avert her gaze or look away.

“Look me in the eye and don’t lie. Have you been trying to seduce me?”

Tiffany didn’t need to answer; the look of surprise in her eyes told me it had not been intentional. I let go of her head and took her hand to lead her to the bathroom.

“You know the drill”

I went to the cupboard and took another towel out and it up to her before squatting down and reaching up her skirt to remove her panties. I took the old liner out and fitted the new one. Then I looked up at her and put my hand up between her legs. Once again I put my finger over her clitty feeling her leak. I could feel her tense as I withdrew my hand and put it towards my mouth. But then I stopped and stood up. And put my finger just in front of her.


Once she had done so, I then put the finger in my mouth and sucked it. I then bent down and put her panties back on, again making sure they were a snug fit. Once again I took her to my dressing room. I helped her off with the jacket.

“I’m sure you can take the rest off yourself. Now let’s see, a bit early for an evening dress.”

I had a quick rummage to find a dress and then helped her into it. Once again, I had her look in the mirror and I could see the the female Tiffany getting stronger.

“Now we had better go and get some tea before it gets cold. It is already likely to be quite strong. But then we might both need it that way.”

I took Tifa’s hand and led her back to the lounge letting go of it near the coffee table and sitting where I had been before. This time Tifa did not need a stare and promptly poured the tea. She passed me mine before taking hers. Then she looked at me for guidance and I nodded to where she had been sat before. I sipped some of my tea before speaking.

“Firstly, please remember that I am not cross with you. Nor was I cross with you in the office. As I said at the time, your smack was for my enjoyment and not as a punishment. In any case it would have been wrong to punish you that way because you had been wishing for it. So if anything it was a reward.”

“What you said was ill judged. The reason it was ill judged is more from a lack of understanding any knowledge than anything else. That is why I’m not cross. If anything I am very touched by it. But I do need to make you aware of some things.”

“I do not have a submissive and there is a reason for that. I have yet to find one that I would want. Before I accepted one and took them, I would first want and need them to be my partner.”

“Let me put it this way. Would you ask someone to marry you having only been with them for a few hours? If someone asked you to marry them after a similar period, would you say yes when you knew hardly anything about them? It is not a game, it is a lifestyle and it is not just for the bedroom but for life.”

“How can you say you will commit yourself to me when you have little idea of what that would really involve? You said you will be mine. How do you know if I would accept you? Even more importantly, if I did, are you prepared to give up your job, your lifestyle and your marriage to allow it to happen?”

 "'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly."

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