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New to this site, glad as hell to be here.  It is great to be able to talk about things that i don’t usually share.  I’ve got years of experience buying panties.  I read some  posts above and do remember the absolute adrenaline RUSH of walking out of the store with my purchase.   Back when i was 22 or so i felt like i had just robbed a bank :).  It is not as  intoxicating now for me as I am a bit of an old hat. 

The internet, however,  gives me time to get my colors/styles/fabrics straight.  So, if you have never bought from a Macy’s/Walmart etc, I think u will get a kick out of the RUSH it gives u.  But if you want to go slower, the internet. 

I am still learning tho.  Last time in Walmart(buying other things) i picked  up a pair of “Cheekies” style.  I had never heard of that style and what a GREAT sissy name.  They are nylon(or something like) and do show more cheek 🙂 .

My go-to style over the years, however, is definitely high cut briefs. This is based on my body type and my clitty.  I never buy cotton as  nylon/modal etc just feel so much more girly. 

Hope i did not ramble too much, but just so glad  to be here.  Need to get a profile picture set up etc, just my third day as member.  



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