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Reply To: Marcy’s Makeover (Pvt for Michelle Bubbles)

Michelle Bubbles

At her last outburst, just as I finish her eyebrows I pull back with a roll of my eyes and reach for the remote.


“Oh now we are back to ‘please’, are we? You know what, I’ve had a long day and I don’t need to hear anything from the new slut on the block. So why don’t you just shut up a bit and be more like the quiet contemplative types, instead of the angry shouty-shouty ones, otherwise -“


And I pause to press a button on the remote, seeing her tense and her expression contort at the painful pulses shooting through her genitals.


“- I think I will do that MUCH more often. Now keep your face still, otherwise you will look awful and we will both get punished even more… and of course, I WILL shock you in order to prevent THAT from happening!”


I waggle the remote in her direction like a warning, before setting it aside again and getting to work on her face. Now it’s time for make-up properly, and even here… with more cooperative and less bitchy patients I usually take a little bit more time to try to explain to them what I am doing, how to replicate them, why it’s important, a lot of stuff to hopefully help them get punished a little less as they will be continuously shocked until they are make up masters on the level of supermodels, but with her? Bitch does not deserve it, and I am running out of time anyway. So I just silently slather her face in products, to the specifications required by her information (God knows I learned that lesson the hard way with my first make over of poor little Jenni) and end with a quick double ear piercing and application of dangling, blue earrings. At the same time, the robotic hairdresser finishes its routine, signaling the end of my allotted time (Cutting it close!) And releases her head, revealing a pretty blonde updo. I know the color has even seeped down into her pores, so it will be 2 weeks before she even starts showing signs of brown hair poking out again. But of course, her treatment will be redone every week, so she will likely never see her original hair color again, unless her sponsor changes idea and thinks her natural color is better. Unlikely.


Without a word, I hold up a hand mirror to let her look at herself, somewhat sadistically enjoying her absolutely horrified expression.


“Well, welcome to the corporation Marcy! I’m sure you will fit right in with all of us ‘bitches’.”


I stealthily pick up the throat spray, and as soon as she starts to protest I shoot it down her mouth, tighening her vocal cords and making her sound nice and girly. Well, her voice, her speech patterns and expressions will take more time as the training takes hold, like it did for me.


“Remember to request the vocal spray for all your next visits sweetheart, your sponsor has not yet decided on a permanent voice for you, so that will last only a week and a half. Of course if you are caught with a manly voice… well, I’m sure it’s a mistake you will only do once.”


I calmly explain as I press another button, that does not seem to do anything to Marcy, before standing and turning towards the door.


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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