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Reply To: Marcy’s Makeover (Pvt for Michelle Bubbles)

Michelle Bubbles

The girl sure is whiny, well, most of them are. I usually can deal better with them, but today has been… not great. Apparently my body had gotten used to the hormones supplied by the implants in my chest, and as Mister Simon (bless his soul) allowed me to have them removed, finally, I was hit by yet anotehr hormone imbalance. Nothing serious, but I did notice it messing with my mood a little. And on days like today, where I had to run around half the complex and suck+fuck even more dim-witted guard gorillas than usual, and will have to do it again later… well, I don’t really want to deal with a whiny new inductee as well. I roll my eyes at her pleas and tears, way too used to them.


“Ugh, calm down please… Yeah, you are scheduled to get as big as me up here, some girls get even bigger. And no we can’t control it or do anything about it, so don’t ask. This is your home now. And my name is Michelle. And oh I would love to be friends, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be too busy sucking cock and getting fucked in that cute little ass to hang out much…”


That last part was a sarcastic comment, and more aimed at the general condition of all of us here, just expressed in an expert way that can’t be read by the ever watchign supervisors as me complaining about my situation and duties (for which I would be swiftly punished). But I don’t realize how much of an insult it must read for a newby like Marcy…


I put the gloves back on as she starts saying how the cream is hurting her face, burning her skin lightly. I sigh once more.


“Yes, it’s supposed to… I will take it off now, don’t worry, and stop being such a big baby…”


I mutter, a small sink extending under her head after the press of a button and with an extensible nozzle, I wash her face off the stuff, revealing an even more permanently hairless and smooth face. I dry her face with a soft towel, before taking off the gloves and start rapidly trimming her eyebrows, with a swift and expert hand going quickly and efficiently. Of course, it hurts a lot as I pluck individual hairs out of her skin, especially the first time…


My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

"How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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