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Reply To: Trixie’s Collared Maid(s)

Trixie Truheart

(OOC: “shake, rattle, and roll”…? Sounds like you got some loose plumbing in there Kat! *giggle* /OOC)

Now that Kat and I are both feeling pretty good, I see it’s time for Olivia and slave Stacey to switch places. I forcefully grab Olivia from the makeup chair. Protecting her body with some cute pink and white clothing, I bind her arms behind her and secure her legs before putting her in the hairdresser’s chair. I doubt she’ll move too much now so it won’t take too long to get her golden locks all trussed up for tonight’s festivities. I give her another wink and blow her a kiss from my ruby colored lips.

I look over to slave Stacey who quickly stepped aside when I went after Olivia. Turning slave Stacey around and sensually caressing her neck shows me how wet I can get her in her current state of arousal.

“Okay gurls, that’s enough playtime,” I admonish. “Back to the task at hand…completing your new look for tonight’s entrance down the Vegas strip!”

The hairdresser goes to work on Olivia and bellhop gurls start on slave Stacy’s mani-pedi. I wonder what they will look like when we are all done?




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