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Reply To: Trixie’s Collared Maid(s)

Trixie Truheart

Slave Stacey is seated at the hairdresser’s station where the bellhop gurls get to work washing, conditioning, curling and drying her new locks.

Olivia is taken to the make up table to begin her new transformation into the gurl she has always wanted to be.

After I see my two new gurls are in the middle of their transformation, I look for Kat and immediately cream as I see her sashaying to the musical sounds of the transformation affair.

Kat was so hot after I got her dressed and never found the chance to tell her so. I float unheard behind, bend her gently over and take her in front of our new gurls. They can clearly see what their mistress expects for such a glamorous lifestyle they are beginning tonight.


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