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Reply To: Marcy’s Makeover (Pvt for Michelle Bubbles)

Wyoh Knott

My initial shock at seeing such a sexy woman in some sort of sexy Nurse uniform that could be the subject of every future wet dream I ever have.  She is the perfect sex bomb babe any guy could ever hope to meet.  Luscious tits trying to explode out the top of the uniform, long sexy legs extending from the short skirt down to her platform stiletto heels, beautiful long blond hair, luscious plump cocksucker lips, and finally a gorgeous face that is perfectly made up.  This woman is exactly what I want for my future Trophy Wife.  That is if I can ever get out of this nightmare.

When I can finally pull my eyes off the gorgeous Nurse, I look around the room.  It almost looks like a medical examination room.  But the ‘tools’ do not look like anything I ever saw in any doctor’s office.  I really don’t like the look of them.  I think I’ve actually seen a few of those things in porno movies, and their use did not look pleasant to me.  In the middle of the room is some strange looking chair.  Again, I have never seen the like of this chair in any kind of medical setting.  There are extra attachments at the arms and what appears to be where legs would normally go.

The Nurse does what looks like a curtsey out of an old movie and sexily says she is glad to see the gorilla holding my arm in his massive paw.  How could any woman be attracted to a brute like this monster.  He suddenly shoves me into the room, where these damn heels do their worst and I perform a perfect faceplant.  If it was being judged I’d probably get a 9.5 for style and creativity.  I hear a loud ‘SMACK’ like someone just slapped the water while in a pool.  I look up and the gorilla is groping the Nurse.  OH MY GOD, she seems to be enjoying being pawed by this goon.

It seems that the Nurse and Goon are acquainted and have had previous intimate encounters.  Now I hear that she will be visiting him and others like him for God knows what.  How can I get this woman to want me like she seems to want to service the guard and his cohorts?  The guard then gives her ample derriere a slap and leaves the room.

The Nurse turns to me and she seems like a completely different person.  Her look is cold and aloof.  She is now holding an electronic device in her hand.  God I hope that isn’t the control for this thing that Kate had put on me.  She then addresses me, as ‘Marcy’ for god’s sake.

“Alright, let’s see here… Marcy: Please disrobe of all your clothes, and fold them in an orderly pile at the side of the chair, and take position on the examination chair. No resistance or complaining will be tolerated. Follow the instructions of your assigned sissy nurse and you will not be punished – to ensure your compliance, you will now receive a level 1 pain shock through your sissylink, obey any and all instructions to avoid further punishment.”

She then presses the device in her hand. Immediately I feel the most god awful pain in my groin.  I almost collapse to the floor again before the pain subsides.  I look at her with all the venom I can muster.  Maybe if I can get close to her, I can get that damn remote away from her.

She continues… “Come on sweetie, we don’t have all day. The sooner we get this over with the better it will be for you, trust me…”

I walk towards the chair and an idea starts to form in my somewhat addled brain.  Maybe I can get her to come close to me.  I start to remove these awful women’s clothes that I was forced to wear.  The first thing is to get rid of these damn shoes.  I get them off my feet and place them on the floor.

Now I can move normally and not have to worry about being tripped up by those torture devices.  How can women actually enjoy wearing those damn things.  Next I start to take off my top.  It is a real struggle to get the thing pulled up and past these massive fake tits that were shoved into the bra.  They almost look like real tits.  I sure will be glad to get these things off and out of my way.

I try to reach behind my back to unhook the damn bra, but my arms just don’t bend that far.  Now to put my plan into motion.  I look over at the Nurse, I put a pleading puppy dog look on my face.  I’ve used that face many times get my way with women in the past, I’m sure it will work on this airhead.

“Ma’am, can you help me here please?  I can’t reach the hooks on this lovely bra.  Could you please give me a hand and unhook me?  Please??”

I try to give her a grin like young Simba gives his mother in the Lion King.  It seems to have worked.  She sets her clipboard down and starts towards me.  I slowly start to turn around, but not all the way as she gets close, I make my move…

I lunge towards her reaching out to grab the remote but…




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