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Reply To: Trixie’s Collared Maid(s)

Trixie Truheart

“Oh, there it is,” I say pointing in the direction of the hotel’s check in desk.

This place is so huge that you can lose yourself in The Lacey Place Casino Resort and Hotel. We approach the check in desk and are greeted by a young lady with her blouse not fully buttoned, revealing the top of her breasts. This behavior seems a little odd to me and a bit out of place, considering how classy this place looks.

“Hi, I’m Trixie Truheart and this is my collared maid, KittyKat. We have reserved the Penthouse Suite and would like to check in, please.”

“Welcome Ms Truheart. We are so very excited to have you as our penthouse suite guest.” I see the check in clerk give KittyKat a little pinky wave of acknowledgment. I look towards KittyKat and ask, “What is it with you and people in this place KittyKat? It seems like you know everyone we’ve bumped into, and they have certainly shown they recognize you!” Not being able to get a handle on this aspect of KittyKat’s personification has me worried.

The clerk continues our conversation by asking if we have any luggage. I look and KittyKat with a raised eyebrow, “OK Kitty, where is our luggage. Surely you retrieved it when we exited the limo?” I admonish. “Well, it looks like you need to find our limo and retrieve our luggage. Hurry up gurl, the day is almost gone,” I snip at KittyKat’s as I push her towards the way we came in. I can tell those panties of mine are causing her some major discomfort and raise a wry smile across my face as I watch her exit the doors into the busy nightlife of the Vegas Strip.

I turn my attention to the check in clerk and sneer, “Maids…huh…can’t live without them, and you can definitely punish them when they disobey; hee, hee.” My wickedly wry smile returns to my face when I witness the uneasiness in the check in clerk while she buttons up her blouse.


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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