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Reply To: A Kiss for Molly [Pvt]



We were lying there looking up at the stars. Not a cloud in the night sky, as if somehow even they knew to hold off just for that time, just for that moment.

I was shaking, but you wrapped your coat around me and I leaned against your shoulder. It felt so right. The time just felt so right. I looked up towards you. We gazed into each others eyes. I wanted you right there. I needed you right there. I could feel it in you too, as our eyes were locked together. I slightly parted my lips. Did I mean it, or did it happen naturally? I wanted you soo much. I was yours for you to take…

…why did you hesitate?



“How may I help you Sir?”          “Sir?”            “You seem a little lost, Sir.”



“Why yes this is the right place. Why yes, you are scheduled to be here today.”

“You are here to see Ms Castle, right? She’ll be right down in a moment.”

“Now if you could just sign this form please, and you’ll be registered with us today, Sir.”



“Of course Sir, I encourage that you read over the form if you would like.”

“Would you like a seat whilst you read it?”
                                                            “Would you like a drink whilst you read it?”
                                                                                                              “Is there anything I can get you whilst you read it?”






“Ms Castle is approaching. Have you finished reading through the form yet, Sir?”

“Oh don’t be nervous Sir, I’m sure you’re going to do just fine. You have a wonderful day, Sir.”


“See you soon, Sir.”

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