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Reply To: Appointment from the Hair Salon


Great blog about what happened, aurissa. Thank you for telling us all about it, and I’m glad that there will be more.

I have served as a sissy maid a couple of times, although it was with people I knew and know to have a kinky side, and to be used to seeing a sissy maid at such events. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Was this the first time you ever appeared before someone dressed up? Were you wearing any makeup?

When you first came out, were you feeling like it was humiliating, fun, fulfilling? Were you very nervous? How did you feel when she tried to hold in a giggle, or were asked to twirl, or she giggled when you curtsied?

Experience has told me that as this site upgrades every few years, old stories may get lost. Sometimes you may be able to retrieve them from the internet archives, but there is no guarantee. I’d recommend keeping a copy on your own machine, and possibly with personal pictures if you take any of yourself (you don’t have to publish them anywhere, but a picture will bring up a lot of memories that words just can’t convey).

Congrats on your first successful maid assignment.

Thanks Alison!!! It was the literal definition of AWESOME!

To answer your questions:

1- Yes, this was my first time as ‘aurissa’ dressed up in real life for any one. And, damn straight this sissy slave maid was very fucking nervous. However, something in her voice and her natural smile when we first met at the salon and subsequently at Tim’s gave me some bravery to actually go through with it, even to just broach the subject that first time.  Honestly, if she wasn’t who she appeared to be (as far as this sissy slave maid can tell from our short time together) this sissy slave maid would have probably clammed up.

2- No this sissy slave maid was not wearing make-up, not really of interest to me.

3- Kind of all of the above, it was a tad humiliating,  yet fun and this sissy slave maid would say that fulfilling is a good word as it was wonderful to finally get to do something which has been on my mind for years now. It was one of those experiences one has and then realizes how scary it was but then you want to do it again, kind of like a roller coaster. *giggle*. When she first started to laugh but held it back, my face was so red with embarrassment which this sissy slave maid is sure she could see easily; however, being the sweet lady she seems to be she tried, futile as that was to not show it. However, when she was giggling/laughing by the time this sissy slave maid was twirling, it was more subdued and it didn’t feel like she was laughing at me just at the slight unusual nature of the situation; however, when she said cute, nice shoes though still holding her laughter, there was that reassurance in her voice. It probably took her about an hour to get back to her just normal bubbly self and also having some fun with the sight of me traipsing around. Not sure if it was conveyed in my recounting; however, throughout various parts of the morning we would have sort of regular chats like two girls just talking about different things. Of course, some of her questions were investigatory in nature as this sissy slave maid is sure she was quizzing me from time to time until she was more comfortable. Understandable, of course. By the end, this sissy slave maid felt that she had just left a friends house though we barely know each other. There was lots of laughter, a few tears, and some normal conversations. A lot was packed into that one morning surprisingly.

So, the start was nerve rattling and exciting, the end was still exciting; however, the nerves had pretty much gone away. Oh and she pretty much had a slight giggle every time this sissy slave maid curtsied though the audibility dropped after each one. Methinks she got used to it as the morning progressed; however, was still amused each time. Same thing when she was addressed as Princess Shayleen, she stretched her normal soft smile and this sissy slave maid is pretty sure there was some pride in her smile, like it, for a brief second, made her feel like a real Princess. She is a pretty lady in that ‘girl next door’ way; however, not in the Playboy way, more like the Anne Hathaway type with highlights.

Oh and yes, this sissy slave maid has a copy in a secure online vault. Trust me, it took a number of proofreading sessions to fix my grammar and spelling plus finish some thoughts as my first drafts were just a lot of rambling broken sentences. Had to get it all in first then go back and fix the structure. *giggle*

This sissy slave maid can’t wait for the next time as Princess Shayleen eluded to, though it may be a week or two considering how incompatible our work schedules are. However, this sissy slave maid has built up some time off and has lots of folks at work to switch days if need be and a great rapport with my manager in getting time off.

Thanks again Alison, will keep you all updated.


sissy slave maid happily accepts what she is given

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