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Reply To: …But isn't that what Secretaries do? (for Bethany)


The whole escape plan was unraveling at the seams as each moment passed.

Whilst Betsy had conducted our encounter with Sam with an authoritative stance, I began to shake as I realized that at least for the time being, she was being treated on the same level as I was, on my knees in front of this horny guys crotch. The thought of escaping was starting to diminish from my mind again, as I couldn’t see how on earth I could ever get out of here. As Betsy and Sondra were scoring points off each other for the correct body posture or how to address the man in-front of them, I was timidly kneeling in front of him, very much unsure of what was going to happen now.

And truth be told, as my face was being rubbed along the rising bulge in Sam’s boxers, and his leg was nearly wedged and rubbing against my own crotch, I was rapidly losing my focus again. I was finding it hard to concentrate on anything besides the growing rod only separated from my lips by the thin material enclosing it. It was then that Sam wanted us all to start begging for his cock.




“Why don’t you go first Krissy? I’m sure it’ll give the other more experienced girls a chance to see how much extra mentoring you might need.”

“Please… please feed me… your cock, Sir…” I said nuzzling my lips against the outline of it. “Please… I’m begging you… I’m soo desperate to be filled by you. I need it so badly, Sir.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying and I wasn’t even sure how much was made up and how much was being naturally extracted from my over aroused lips. One look up at Sam indicated that he was at least satisfied enough not to have to get me to do it again.

“It’s what makes you M&R girls soo special. You’re always so eager to impress and please. You’ll learn this in time, Krissy. You may be new, but you have to start somewhere, and right now–“

He suddenly pulls his boxers down, whilst still holding my face. It was now resting directly against his erect tool.

“–I’d say you’re in the right place to start your induction.”

I looked up at him, my jaw dropping as my eyes grew wide as I saw how big his cock was, even at half mast. It probably looked even bigger to my eyes, as they were only a few inches away from them at best.

“Save your ‘O’ face for later Krissy. Right now, you need to start putting those lips to good use. Why don’t you get us started? But don’t get too greedy though. I’ll be teaching you how to share when the other two come and join you.”


I’m not sure if he moved my head closer, or whether I was just soo enticed by it by now, but I puckered my lips and kissed the shaft softly as I looked up into his eyes. I then slowly ducked down and let my tongue lightly hang loose from my mouth as I began to let it run his entire length from sack right up to the tip, before hovering my red lips over the top, letting him feel my warm breath tingling against him. I had a very glazed look on my face the whole time as if the mixture of horniness I was feeling suddenly gelled with the feeling of inevitability I felt about my future here. I began to lightly moan, as I let my tongue gently swirl around his mushroom head, occasionally kissing it and allowing it to enter my lips very slightly, very shyly. It felt like time had stopped as I continued to look up at him throughout.

“I think you’re turning into a natural sucker, Krissy. Before long, you’ll be the one monitoring the new girls to make sure they’re giving their clients the treatment they expect from an M&R girl. Now Betsy, Sondra, I think it’s time to hear how much you both want to join in on ‘this’ action.”


As Betsy and Sondra tried their best to beg and convince Sam, he moved them closer to his cock, and now all three of us were kissing and licking and sucking him. He was getting immense pleasure watching and experiencing all us girls perform. With me in the middle, and Betsy and Sondra either side, he had one hand on their heads, as he started to groan from the pleasure we were collectively giving him.

“Okay you two, you don’t want the new girl outdoing you, do you? So why don’t you show her something she can aspire towards.”

As he said those words, my mind had been rapidly reaching for everything, anything that it could use to get me out of a situation it wasn’t fully sure it wanted to get out of. He had kept referring to me as the new girl, and when the fog in my mind cleared for a very brief moment, I suddenly and possibly regrettably spoke out.

“Sir, I’m not the new girl! I’m not the one that needs to be trained.”




I could sense an immediate annoyance from Sam, and I lowered my gaze and planted my lips over his cock again, wishing that maybe I said all that in my head and not out loud. I yelped when I felt him grab my hair and slowly tilt my head away from his cock and up towards his eyes. He gave me a look that suggested that I had better give him a damn good reason for this interruption.

“I erm… I’m not the new girl here… I’m the… I’m the HEAD maid here at M&R.” I said with a nervous smile that still had a small bead of precum connecting it back to his cock. I nervously giggled. He looked at me as if he still couldn’t quite believe that I had had the audacity to speak out at this moment.

“It’s… erm… true! I wouldn’t dream of lying to you. I am the head maid, and… and… Betsy here is the ‘new’ girl that Miss Bonders has asked me to give maid training to. It’s why she brushed aside your advances earlier, it’s why she tried to take charge of everyone as soon as we entered this room. She is new and doesn’t know what is expected of her here in M&R… and… and… That’s why she desperately needs this personal one-to-one training with you… more so then me.”

I trembled as I looked up at him, but he was by far the only pair of eyes I would stare at, no matter how pissed off he looked. Because I couldn’t bare myself to look at her… not after what I had just done.

“So Krissy is apparently the head maid here in M&R? The head maid who has no idea about the correct etiquette to behave in front of me? The head maid who couldn’t even kneel in front of me in a proper manner, needing your MENTOR Sondra to correct you? Would I be right in thinking that she isn’t even a maid, yet is mentoring the HEAD Maid, Krissy?”

I panicked again as he drilled a hundred holes into my story.

“Erm… erm… Oh… You have it the wrong way round… Sondra’s not my mentor… I’M Sondras mentor! *nervously giggling* I think there was some miscommunication earlier. She’s not a maid yet, but she so desperately wants to be, and so… erm… Vika told me that she wanted me to erm.. train her… so she sent her to me for experience. I er… I needed her to step up and tell me what was wrong with my approach, so that she could learn what was right and wrong. So I knelt down wrong for her… and… and Betsy… erm is new so she didn’t know any better… But Sondra was able to learn a valuable lesson as she knew what was wrong right away. She will be a great maid… except for the spanking… That wasn’t a good move by her. But with the right training from you, she’ll be the greatest maid here. “

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Sondra had snapped her head towards me, both stunned and in horror over the crap I was sprouting out. It felt like a play probably even too devious for the schoolgirl herself, and I’m not sure if she was biting her tongue to stop from retorting, or if she realized that if she rebuked my response, it would throw her into even deeper water.

Through all of this, I had no idea how Sam was taking the things I was telling him. It was rather more in hope, rather then expectation. In reality though, it hadn’t occurred to me that not only did he not believe a single word I was saying, but that he was actually playing along with my story only to see how deep I’d dig a hole for myself. It was unclear to me whether it was my hesitation when talking, or perhaps he’d already seen Betsy on a previous day, or whether he knew enough about Sondra to know that there’s no way I would be given to her as a mentor.

“So tell me then, Krissy. If our evening has been set up so that your ‘girls’ can get some training and experience, what exactly is your role in all this tonight?”

I gulped as he prodded further into my motives, almost trying to wrench an answer out of me.

“Erm… well, you see… Betsy and Sondra will try their very best… under your guidance. Whilst they are doing that… I will be preparing myself…”

“…I will be going out to get my head maids uniform… and… and… I will return in full attire, ready to teach and show these girls just how the perfect submissive maid acts for their mistress or master. It will be… erm… really inspiring for them to see what they can hopefully achieve in time and with a bit of practice.”

“But I need to go and get my uniform… so that they can see how the perfect maid dresses… erm… and that uniform is… not here… *nervous giggle*

I was shaking as I waited for Sam to respond. The more I thought about what I’d said, the more ridiculous it was starting to sound in my head.

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  • This reply was modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago by Krissi.

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