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Reply To: What first got you interested in sissification / forced feminization?


I always wanted to be a girl. At first, as a child it was the only question:

Why am I not a girl? Why I can not have long hair with pretty bows?

Why can not I wear beautiful dresses with ruffles, skirts and beautiful bright tops?

But with the onset of puberty, the time it began to build as a snowball! And I can not resist it.  But I’m afraid to tell others about it, because it will be considered as incorrect and, subject to the general ethics, invented by people, I have to hide it.

I do not have great physical strength, and I never knew how to fight like all the guys. I have no problem can fulfill almost any woman’s work, except for ironing (I do not like this, however, as many girls). I’m slim, I do not have any beer belly and my body is almost no hair, except for a small amount on the legs and face. But I’m struggling with it mercilessly, it has become the norm for me.

I always wear only lingerie, except for a visit to the doctor. In the cold season, even pantyhose, or stockings, as well as a bra, if it is not visible under my clothes.

And now I understand that I must go further, but there are many trials waiting for me. I seem to be hanging over the precipice and do not dare to take the next step…

Sorry, English is not my first language…

Sissy Katrin

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