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Reply To: What is your ultimate desire?


Ultimate desire (using the true definition of the word ultimate here) would be to be owned by a trusting, sensually seductive, intelligent, red-headed ( lol just posted three pictures of blonde brits in a previous post), Irish accented, long legged,  wealthy, big breasted, and pretty superior female. A lady who obviously understands the persona of aurissa and also allows the RL me out once a month or so for various real world activities with friends and family. While we are going all out here; she would have a number of equally seductive single female friends who she would loan me out to clean their houses and serve them as the dominant goddesses they all are.

Much more detail could be added here; however, this would become a novel. *giggle*

And when sissied up, this sissy slave maid would look like this:

sissy slave maid happily accepts what she is given

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