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Reply To: Mermaids & Roasts at M&R (looking for players)

Trixie Truheart

“Ooppss, somebody dropped a penny,” I mutter as I bend over in my sexy maid’s uniform in front of the pretty lady Joanna’s painted lips. This is me, the shy, wanna be slutty maid, Sally. “Hi pretty lady Joanna,” I giggle with a shy demeanor.

<p style=”text-align: left;”>The pretty lady Joanna sure moves around a lot! Last I knew she was in her apartment with just Jeena and me. And then she held a party with lots of food at her place for all her gurls…and now she’s at this restaurant pleasuring …mermaids? I wonder as I rub my eyes with my gloved maid hands. Why can’t the pretty lady Joanna stay in one place? I’m all tired out bumping into her huge cock…all the time.</p>
Wait…am I awake or am I back in the apartment dreaming all this?

I take my feather dusty and swoosh, swoosh at the penny on the floor. Hey, looky there…one penny turned into enough money to pay for pretty lady Joanna’s dinner. My job is done as Joanna’s live in maid.
<p style=”text-align: left;”>“Oh yah pretty lady Joanna, I brought some of my friends this time to have more fun. I hope it’s alright. *Giggle*</p>


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