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Much to my surprise, Sam allowed me to leave, but I was only afforded one step off his lap before freedom was taken away again in the form of clashing with the opportune schoolgirl from earlier. I gulped as I stood helpless as she pulled me towards her, reacting to our embrace as if we were old friends at a reunion. The malicious glint in her eye told me otherwise though as she greeted me.

Before I could form any response in my head, she leaned in and kissed me with passion and vigor, leaving me weak at the arms as they fell to my sides as she held me firmly, starting to bend me backwards as she continued to lock with my lips. As I softly moaned and allowed her tongue to eagerly explore its new home, I could see that she was occasionally glancing towards Sam as we continued to snog. As she began to grope and rub against me, I could only imagine how turned on Sam must have been feeling, taking in the passionate display happening in front of his eyes. As I felt her hand reach up and fondle my ass, my knees nearly buckled, and maybe they would have if she wasn’t holding me so tightly in place for her. My mind was a big horny mess that when she finally did release me, I nearly stumbled to the floor in a daze.

As I was adjusting myself back to the surroundings, I only started to come to when I heard ‘Sondra’ volunteer for the role of my mentor that I had previously made up.

“My mentor? But I don’t have a…” I bit my tongue as I nearly admitted my own lie.

“erm… a… erm… a clue, yes… erm… I don’t have a clue what to do.”

Sam chuckled at the apparently brainless bimbo in front of him.

“Well, I’m guessing that’s what Sondra is here for, silly? To guide you, mentor you? There’s nothing wrong with you being inexperienced. And it looks like you are in good hands.”

I wasn’t so sure about that as I felt her squeeze me ever more tightly, but I smiled and nodded at Sam to appease the both of them.

As we started to head towards the exit, Sondra gave me a rather stern pep talk about how things should happen this evening. As we continued to walk, we walked past an obvious exit and I couldn’t hold my tongue much longer.

“Sam… erm… baby… isn’t your hotel room… erm…like out there, and not… you know… in here? I thought you mentioned that… nnNArghh!” I stopped speaking instantly as Sondra had jabbed the side of my waist with her fingers to get me to shut up.

“Oh babydoll, believe me, it was, but there has been a slight change of plans. Good news for you though, as you don’t have to worry about leaving the premises and getting lost or being late for your next shift. Isn’t that lucky?”

“…yes …lucky me…” I whispered to no one as I glanced back at a sign that had pointed towards the nearest exit.




As we reached the elevator, I waited nervously, still unable to get any breathing space as Sondra made sure that I literally had no chance to escape. As we got in, I closed my eyes, fearing the mess I had got myself into, when all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice. I opened my eyes again, and saw that Betsy was with us in the elevator just as the doors shut.

“Betsy, you made it!” I said, almost to prove to myself that she really was there, and not just a figment of my hopeful imagination.

I was never so happy to see anyone as I was to see her right now, and I watched in awe as she managed to ward off the grip of Sondra, much to her annoyance, whilst at the same time managing to seduce and arouse Sam, assuring herself a ticket to his hotel room. As Betsy kissed Sam, I watched almost envious at how she held herself and had this horny man on the tip of her fingertips. As the off-duty sexy maid knocked it out of the park, I could see a very aroused Sam scanning her body undressing her with his eyes. She looked absolutely stunning and seeing her in action made my mouth water a little bit. I think Sondra was also getting aroused, but she was seemingly still trying to hide it as she was still ticked off by Betsys intrusion into her plan.

“Oh, this party is going to be something special, girls. And Betsy, very glad you could make it. ” He held her close gazing into her beautiful eyes, one hand lightly brushing her hair back past her ear, before working its way down her back before lightly beginning to drum and caress against her bum. “It’s certainly going to be a night to remember, don’t you think, dear?”

As the elevator stopped at the designated floor, the only sound we could hear was the clack of our heels on the hard floor as we followed Sam leading us to his suite. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw how impressive the suite was. This was certainly not anywhere I would have been able to afford on my salary back at the office. Hmm, maybe being at M&R does have its benefits after all. Especially if all I have to do is cosy up to some horny men or women until they invite me back to one of these amazing rooms… No! Don’t start thinking like that… I still need to find a way to get back on the escape trail.

Before Sam could address us, Betsy had already begun directing traffic, and he watched on, impressed as she sent Sondra to the back with a spank to get us drinks and set the mood.

Betsy commanded Sam to take off his shoes, and then asked me to undress his pants whilst she began to tug on his jacket and shirt. I obediently got to my knees and started to undo his zipper and tug down his pants. I suddenly felt a hand being placed firmly on mine, and I stopped, confused, his pants halfway down his legs. As I looked up, he shook his head at me, before his gaze turned to Betsy and his hand had left my own and he had placed a finger on Betsys lips to get her to stop talking and to stop her frantically pulling off his clothes. When he had her full attention, he lowered his finger, his thumb resting gently underneath her chin.

“Betsy darling, relax. Take a deep breath. Can you do that for me, babe? We’ve got the whole evening ahead of us. Why rush a good thing?” He stroked the side of her face and smiled at her. “It’s all good baby. Just take it slow, and enjoy things as they happen. Who knows, the night might be longer then expected?”

As I stared confused at Betsy, unsure of how she was going to react to Sam, I suddenly realized that I could see his wallet poking out of his pants pocket. Sam was fully fixated on Betsy at this very moment, and that gave me enough time to gingerly sneak out his wallet and hide it underneath the side of the table leg, hoping it was out of view from anyone else. Perhaps I would be able to use this to leave later, once the evening was finished. I was too wrapped up in the discovery I had found that even from my position by his feet, I hadn’t noticed that his pants had dropped to his ankles as I result of all the tugging I had done to free his wallet from his pocket.

That was until I sensed someone staring at me, and after realizing what I had inadvertently done, I nervously looked up to see Sam looking down at me with disappointment in his face. It had taken this action to break his gaze with Betsy and look down at me. I nervously giggled as I looked back up. He pulled his feet out of his pants and tossed them to the side, before turning back to Betsy.

“Inexperienced girls can be trained,*sighs* but disobedient girls?” I yelped as he grabbed the top of my hair and slowly pulled me up to my knees, resting my face against his underwear and growing bulge. He then turned back to Betsy.

“So, are you going to teach this eager little tramp what she should do now?”

“Or are you going to show her how it’s done yourself? *His eyebrows raised at that thought* Or perhaps you have a suggestion as to how this naughty slut can learn her lesson?”

As I struggled from my kneeling position, the speakers started to play music, and Sondra sauntered back towards the room with a tray of drinks and a big wicked smile on her face as she witnessed what was going on here between the three of us.


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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