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Reply To: Mermaids & Roasts at M&R (looking for players)


Finally deciding on what I want, I give my order to the dark haired waitress in the skimpy sailor outfit,

“My dear, I would love to start off with your shrimp cocktail, along with your oysters. Next, a bowl of New England clam chowder and a salad with honey mustard dressing. The entrees…hmm….I’ll go for the grilled salmon with vegetables and roasted potatoes. By the way, if you have it, I would please like some of your best Beluga caviar as well.”

The dark haired pauses sucking on my cock to enter my order. Once finished, she pushes the Send button, placing my order directly to the kitchen. Given how much I ordered, it should take some time to enjoy this moment.

I look at the dark-haired waitress,

“Thank you, my dear. You may resume what you where doing.”

The waitress replied,

“No, Miss Joanna, thank you. Thank you for allowing us the honor and pleasure to serve you as our first guest at our restaurant and we hope you come back again.”

Then she went back under the table and resumed pleasing my cock with her co-worker, who’s so turned on by what she’s doing that she starts rubbing and spanking the dark-haired waitress’s ass.

I softly said, “Oh, I will. As for the pleasure? Well, my dear, it seems that, right now, the pleasure’s all mine. Mine, along with the mermaids in the tank.”

I turn to look at them, smiling, as they are feeling the effects of the devices.

Some go for the harsher methods of torment, pain. I figure not everyone’s into that. Plus it would make me look like a sadistic bitch.

No…I love to see my girls tormented by pleasure. Much more effective, plus their expressions are priceless.

I write something down and show them.

As I show them the note, I raise my glass of wine I had ordered from the blonde waitress and turn to the mermaids,

‘A toast, ladies, to you. Here’s to absolute pleasure…to the both us. Excellent show, ladies. Hope you three are having as much fun as I am.’

I take a sip of wine as I enjoy my evening…two waitresses pleasing me, while three mermaids are pleasing me by pleasing each other. Next time, I ought to bring Robyn on a date here. She’ll love this place, especially the 5-star service.

No man, woman or she-male can resist me.
For I am Swift. Joanna Swift....Sexy, She-Male Switch.
Navy SEAL Captain (pre-transformation. Honorably discharged, latter reinstated with full rank and honors. Still holds it, though modified due to transformation)
Currently single

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