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Reply To: Michelle on a date with Johanna (PVT)


I smile, “Don’t worry, Michelle, I won’t fuck you unless you wish me to.

I was just letting you know. Yes, Michelle, I am also a product of M+R as well. In fact, a special case.

My sponsor’s into feminizing men, his enemies usually, into she-male versions of female celebrities for his own pleasure. Here’s his latest additions to his collection, which look and sound like the actual persons present, but they’re like me.”

I pull out my cell phone, press a few buttons and show Michelle the photo.

“The one that looks like Kim Kardashian was once a rival of my ex-boss, until the rival was defeated. Instead of killing his rival and the rival’s lieutenants, he made them into what you see now as part of his collection to serve and please him as well as pleasing each other.

That’s what happened to me. The only person he trusts is his own daughter, for he’s become untrustworthy of his men, thinking everyone’s out to get him. Not many of them are brilliant enough to take him down.

But I am. I’ve accepted who I am, but I won’t forgive what he has done. I am going to take everything he loves away from him before I destroy him.”


No man, woman or she-male can resist me.
For I am Swift. Joanna Swift....Sexy, She-Male Switch.
Navy SEAL Captain (pre-transformation. Honorably discharged, latter reinstated with full rank and honors. Still holds it, though modified due to transformation)
Currently single

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