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Reply To: Mermaids & Roasts at M&R (looking for players)


I look at the waitress as she shows me how the app works.

My hand goes under her skirt and fondles her rear, which causes the waitress to moan.

I smile at her, “Mmm…you’re quite a site. Anything you recommend, my dear?”

As my waitress was about to answer, another sissy in a sexy sailor outfit shows up.

“OMG!!! It’s true. Miss Swift,  I heard about you being here, but I still can’t believe it. You’re a favorite among us. We heard stories about you, but they don’t do justice.”

The blonde waitress leans in and whispers, “Is it true that your cock is well-endowed and quite large?”

I look at her, smiling,

“Why don’t you see for yourself?”

The blonde waitress smiled, eyes wide open and did what I suggested. Then she pulls my thong down and starts sucking me off, while I am squeezing and fondling the other waitress’s ass. While having fun with the two waitresses, I activate the app. I turn on the butt plugs, the sissy links and the starfishes for both Maddie and Michelle, putting the app on pleasure mode.

That should excite both of my girls, looking all nice as mermaids.

Maybe they might put on a show for me. I bet they wish they were the waitresses instead.

No man, woman or she-male can resist me.
For I am Swift. Joanna Swift....Sexy, She-Male Switch.
Navy SEAL Captain (pre-transformation. Honorably discharged, latter reinstated with full rank and honors. Still holds it, though modified due to transformation)
Currently single

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